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Ha Ha, Gotcha Bitches is reporting that TNA color announcer Don West has lost his radio gig in Nashville, TN. Don had a sports show on WNSR AM. I actually caught some of his shows when we take our annual trips to Nashville for a Red Wings game and the show really wasn’t bad. I would love to make a joke about it but Don had a good thing going there. This kind of sucks since Don is horrible at color commentating for TNA but is decent on the radio. Below is an e-mail from WNSR AM’s GM I found on a message board so take this with a grain of salt.  -Jeremy

Let me start off by saying that Don and crew are great guys and have done an outstanding job for WNSR. This was one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make since we started WNSR. It was not one I wanted to make. The economic downturn in the last several months has put us into a position to have to make cuts. The only option we had was to go to Sporting News, our national network. Sporting news had been repeating the 9 to Noon Tim Brando show again from Noon to 3. That was discontinued September first and the Two Live Stews show was added. Sometimes you are placed in a situation you don’t like and have little control over, this was one of those times. Don and crew remain friends and we know they will be fine. If at some point in the future things turn around, we would love to have Don and crew back. Thank you for listening and being a WNSR supported.

Ted Johnson


WNSR/WNTC SportsRadio

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