Jack Swazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ha, wrestling's gnarly.

Jack Swagger aka Jake Hager debuted on Tuesday’s edition of ECW. Normally this isn’t newsworthy and would be ignored but this bore some response. His debut sucked. At this juncture, other than his size, there is nothing to this kid and it isn’t his fault.

He has natural ability being a legitimate All-American Wrestler from Oklahoma and is assuredly being thought of in the same vein as Brock and Kurt. Maybe he will turn in to something down the road but given WWE’s patience it isn’t likely. It was an incredibly bad debut and the poor guy looked terrified and hid it behind a half grin, half smirk.

Maybe if he had come out and cut a promo consisting of a zombie tinged,  “Gurble bubble butt murm” this debut could have been saved. Instead the viewing audience was treated to a smug, charismaless splotch of a wrestler. There are many different people to blame for this and the most important person is the agent in charge of the match. They did nothing to help this kid. Well, unless Jack Swagger is deaf and has poor lip reading skills making him think his instructions were to go out, bore everyone to tears and give a smirk that says, ” Do not shit yourself. Do not shit yourself” then they are off the hook. -Jeremy

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  1. JT 2008-09-20 at 2:27 pm #

    I caught his second performance and, if it was anything like his first, there’s a definite disparity in our opinions. I was definitely impressed. His smug grin was tinged with a rugged charisma and he reminds me of a talented JBL with an Angle-esque repertoire. He’s certainly less bland than a lot of the new acquisitions.

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