Pro Wrestling Ohio – Wrestlelution Ladder Match

When I last visited the fine world of Pro Wrestling Ohio, the programming got bumped because of the Indians extra inning game.  The following week when the replay was supposed to air, Sports Time Ohio aired the Ladder Match for the Heirloom Swords.  Try number three was indeed lucky, so I got to see the finish of the match.  Click on the first link for the review of the beginning of this show.

Dombrowski sent the next segment to the finish of the Ladder Match between V Squared, Virus and Virus Grande, and Pirate Justice, “Bloody” Morty Rackem & Matthew Justice.  After the video package, Domborwski recounted how the Three Way Ladder Match came to be on the Wrestlelution card.  He said that the new season for the PWO will start October the 19th.

A contract was hung above the ring to represent the Tag Team Titles that were to be awarded to the winners of the match.  V Squared were introduced first.  Irish Nothing, Jake Crist & Vincent Nothing, were introduced second.  Pirate Justice came out last.  V Squared and Pirate Justice paired off while Irish Nothing waited for a good oppurtunity to attack.  Pirate Justice cleared the ring and each grabbed a ladder.  Justice tried to grab the contract but was tipped off the ladder and crotched onto the top rope by V Squared.  Virus got a beat down in one corner by Irish Nothing and then double hip tossed across the ring and onto a ladder propped up in the corner.  The ladder bent so it looked like a brutal bump.  Vincent Nothing then gave Morty Rackem an Alabama Slam on a different ladder which bent even more.  Justice came in and used a chair a la Sabu to springboard onto Virus Grande whose back was up against a ladder.  Justice then set up a prone Virus Grande with a ladder in his face and hit a Van Terminator on the short side of the ring.  Nothing hit a sit down power bomb on Virus.  Rackem got up momentarily to hit Nothing with a chair as he was about to grab the contract.

Virus slammed Justice onto a chair and then missed a second rope moonsault.  A ladder got set up on top of the ropes in the corner.  Rackem and Crist teamed up to superplex Virus Grande while standing on the ladder.  A ladder got set up between the guard rail and the ring.  Justice hit a springboard splash onto Nothing on the ladder.  Jake Crist tried to climb a ladder but it was broken and collapsed.  V Squared lodged the broken ladder in between the rungs of another ladder to stabilize it.  Virus Grande was trying to get up the back side of the stabilized ladder when Crist got on the broken ladder and suplexed him on to it.  That ladder was officially destroyed.  Nothing and Justice both climbed the ladder when Nothing took control and gave Justice a DVD from near the top.  That move allowed Crist to grab the contracts.  One of the main sponors of the league then came to the ring and presented Jake Crist & Vincent Nothing with the PWO Tag Team Titles.

Analysis: As I noted before, the lack of a larger number of cameras  made the action hard to follow.  The match was a real spotfest after the opening five minutes.  The recovery time was just too quick to believe that any of these moves were hurting them.  I may make fun of Edge for taking “a coffee break” during their TLC match at Wrestlemania X-7 but it sold how injured he was after taking a big move.  Morty Rackem should have been down for quite sometime before he kept Vincent Nothing from winning the belts.  The belts went to Irish Nothing though which is a good booking decision so that you can have the babyface team, Pirate Justice, chasing them.  At least V Squared collected a paycheck and those two guys deserve it because in both of the recent ladder matches, they took the majority of the brutal looking bumps.

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