Ric Flair Needs Money

According to numerous sources and posted all over, we are using our old stomping grounds over at PWTorch.com, Ric Flair is already welching on his retirement in favor of big paydays. He is quoted as saying his “retirement” only applies to The United States and Europe.

It’s sad; Flair had probably, the perfect retirement a wrestler could ever ask for. It had real emotion and genuine sentiments from his colleagues. He actually legitimized the retirement of wrestlers by fooling all of us in to believing he was going to stay away from the ring. Now, due to his own ridiculous financial problems he is going to bastardize everything for some big money paydays.

Let’s face it, Flair sucks in the ring now. Shawn carried him in his final match and the idea of continuing in the ring just makes us sad. At least the matches will probably be in Japan and will save the American audience from having to see this. I’d be fun to joke about this but it’s just sad. -Jeremy

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