The Art of Wrestling – TNA Race for a Cure

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TNA has stepped up and started to sell a shirt to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  With the still fairly recent loss of Jill Jarrett to this disease, it is an outstanding gesture on TNA’s part.  I’m not here to give you a lesson on detection, but I am here to look at the quality of the shirt they’re selling. has a picture of the entire shirt and then a close up of the front.  They have kept the design very pink and very simple which is a good formula.  They just have the TNA symbol with the wording “Total Nonstop Action” on the top and “Wrestling” below it.  The breast cancer awareness ribbon in placed over top of the design to show the importance of the cause while still getting in their own advertising.  The back of the ribbon is show slightly shaded as to imply that it is wrapping around the TNA symbol.  The only aspect of the design I would change would be to use black outlines around all of the designs instead of the grey shadow they are using.  It would creat more contrast and help both symbols pop off the shirt better.

On the back, they have the slogan “Wrestling Breast Cancer One Match At A Time” along with both  and www.komen-nashville.orgin white lettering with a dark pink surround clustered around script JJ for Jill Jarrett.  Again, it’s simple and straight forward so it’s a fine design.  I’d also still use black to outline the lettering to help it stand out more.

I wanted to commend TNA with their effort to help raise more money for an organization that surely helped and may still be helping Jeff and his daughters after a very rough time. – Kevin

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