The Art of Wrestling – John Cena

My first look at the HalloWWEen costumes got picked because it was the top seller on  The next costume is a returning act who is also a big seller, John Cena.

Let’s start with the assorted little extras that come with this package, namely the dog tags.  These tags are just too awkward, one is 2″x3″ and the other 2 1/4″x1 1/2″, to take seriously.  I know that they’re trying to mimic the “You can’t see me” wave but it’s incomplete without at least a third tag which would really make this necklace unwieldy.  I’m not sure going with the 8 bit graphics is a good way to go with a necklace but the minimum the WWE could have done was cut back on the tag’s size by just making them from his torso up.

The cadet hat is next on the chopping block.  They have kept with the 8 bit theme and made the camouflage pixelated.  The “You can’t see me” patch on the front doesn’t do a whole lot for me but does create a nice doubling up effect with the dog tags.  The rear logo starts a little trend too.  It’s a black square with a red globe that is comprised of latitude and longitude lines with the term “Cenation” on it.  The term makes me pine for the days of the Chain Gang.

The “Cenation” wrist and arm bands are also influenced my the military theme that John Cena maintains through a lot of his products.  They are olive green with a black border.  They’re fine although one would think that the arm band, which is larger, would contain the “You can’t see me” catch phrase instead of the wrist band.

The WWE Championship Spinner Title Belt also comes in the package.  The WWE did a good job of replicating it with cheaper materials.  You can compare the real thing to the above linked replica.  All the writing is the same, jewels are in the right place but it doesn’t appear to have the same depth.  You can even add the name plate for an extra $20.  It’s a nice piece of plastic but doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering that he hasn’t held the belt since his pectoral injury in October of 2007 and that title is now on Smackdown.

Thanks to Nintendo for creating a great game and this picture.

Thanks to Nintendo for creating a great game and this picture.

Last up is the 8 Bit T-Shirt that has been out for a while now.  They really went to some lengths to replicate the old box cover onto the shirt even if it was to the designs detriment.  They flipped the location of the seals on the bottom and changed them into Cenation (Maybe that’s his brand now?) and his “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” logo.  They should have moved the “Cenation” tag to the back to help unclutter the front.  The WWE also squared up the picture at the bottom instead of it being angled.  The change is fine but the “You can’t see me” may have been easier to fit in on that angle because it would have been a longer line.  They also changed the characters in the background a little bit so they weren’t all white with brown hair.  The back does a good job of diagramming “The Five Knuckle Shuffle” but unfortunately it looks extremely awkward but then again so does the real thing.  The WWE could have substituted the rear “You can’t see me” for “The Five Knuckle Shuffle”.

It’s a nice package if you have a young one at home who loves John Cena but this outfit isn’t really suited for anyone reading this site. – Kevin

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