R.I.P. Special Delivery Jones

One of many fond memories of S.D. Jones.

One of many fond memories of S.D. Jones.

According to Prowrestling.net, former WWE jobber S.D. Special Delivery Jones (real name Conrad Efraim) died Sunday in Antigua after suffering a stroke. He was 63. Of course the one lasting memory of Jones is his “9-second” (more like 22-second) squash loss to King Kong Bundy at the first WrestleMania. All of the other times he appeared on TV sort of blend together in the little-kid part of my internal file cabinet, but the memories of this smiling, happy enhancement talent are all fond. His speech at the WWE Hall of Fame inductions in 2006, where he inducted his friend Tony Atlas, was nice if not a big rambling, but hey, take all the TV time you can get. Hopefully they can understand you in heaven, my smiling, jobbery friend. -Eric

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