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After seeing Teddy Long and Tiffany dressed up in costumes for Halloween, I’ve decided to start looking at the HalloWWEen costumes. I’m going to take a slightly different approach and instead of doing a whole list of items, I’m just going to look at the top seller which is Jeff Hardy’s costume.

Let’s start with something I’ve already picked on, the sleeves. Jeff did wear them for a week or two in the ring but has since gone back to his homemade cut up sleeves. I think it would be too much of a problem for the manufacturer to hack up sleeves to come out with something more authentic but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t at least go with the common black and white colors that he wears.

Up next is the Jeff Hardy necklace. The design itself is fine and actually designed by Jeff but my problem is that the recent pictures of him have the Hardy Boyz pendant around his neck so that is the one that should be included in the package. I do like the J logo better just because it is the simple silver instead of painting a bland purple color on the Hardy Boyz logo.

The next piece up is Hardy Boyz hat. This design is too overloaded so I can barely get started making fun of it. The black stripe down the center of the front just looks awful and needlessly separates the design on the front. The design on the front starts with that awful striping that is purple and a muted version of their neon green which shouldn’t have been altered. The Hardy Boyz logo on each side of the center divide are unneeded along with the logo stiched into the bill and up onto the center of the front panel. The WWE also couldn’t have picked worse pictures of Jeff or Matt to put on the hat. The design behind of the this mess is so broken up that I can’t make out what it is. The purple trim around the mainly black bill wouldn’t look so bad without the stitched on logo in the middle. The neon green on the bottom of the front of the design also would have been a nice border for the purple trim had it not been muted. I don’t mind the Hardy Boyz logo on the back aside from it’s size. It would have looked better had it been smaller and centered over the hole in the back of the cap. Instead of using this hat, I think the WWE should have gone with a fake facial hair and long hair skull cap. Sure it would have looked bad but when have you ever seen either of these two actually wear this hat? Never is the answer for me.

Lastly is the new t-shirt design by Jeff. I really like both designs on the front and back. The face on the front really pops out on the black shirt because it is white which also helps to brighten up the light grey outline aqua-grey hair. The black trim and side burns inside of the design provides a contrast too. Even the exaggerated earing looks good. On the back, the design looks like a squid but is kept simple while the face pops again because of the contrast between black and white. I am confused as to why the eyes are the aqua-grey on the back and not green as they are on the front.

The design on the back also reminds me of Aku from Samurai Jack - Thank you to Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers for providing the picture.

The design on the back also reminds me of Aku from Samurai Jack - Thank you to Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers for providing the picture.

I am amazed at the bargain the WWE is provding by grouping all fo this gear together. Separately the t-shirt costs $22, the necklace $10, the hat $20 and the arm bands $20 for a total of $72. The cost for the HalloWWEen package is $36.99 or 56% off which is quite a bargain. – Kevin

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