The Art of Wrestling – ECW Update III

I forgot a couple of other changes on ECW this past week that I caught rewatching the episode.

Ricky Ortiz – He’s still wearing the red warm up pants with two white stripes but they have been modified so that the black five pointed stars are on the right leg only and now on his left leg it says “ORTIZ” in Gothic lettering.  It’s a lateral move in the design department although I’ve always been fond of Gothic lettering.

Since I can't figure out a way to actually use Gothic lettering in the article, here's a good example.

In case you weren't sure what Gothic lettering was or you were too lazy to click on the link.

Matt Hardy – To the ring, Matt wore a new tank top that was solid black with a white skull and cross bones in the middle of the chest.  His pants were camouflaged in the regular brown, tan and olive green but instead of indistinct, random shapes, the pattern was made out of the skull and cross bones.  His hip pockets had a tan interior with black trim and silver studs spaced evenly.  The pockets on his legs and on his rear were colored and trimmed the same but the skull and cross bones insignia were branded on the pocket below the enclosing flap.  I’m not sure what inspired the skull and cross bones insignia because there’s nothing new on but I really dig the design.  It’s a fresh twist on something existing, it’s balanced, colored coordinated and there’s a nice bit of contrast between the pants and the pockets. – Kevin

"Matt Hardy is going to kill you" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Matt Hardy is going to kill you!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

If you need Matt’s new camouflage design for hunting, get a hold of me at

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