The Art of Wrestling – The Prince Justice Brotherhood

I’ve been nice to TNA for their Race for a Cure t-shirt and tried to be optimistic about their live iMPACT! in Las Vegas this week over at the Pro Wrestling Torch.  That nice streak is coming to an end after looking around and seeing the Prince Justice Brotherhood shirt and the child wearing it.

The WWE is smart enough to either simply use their wrestlers wearing their own merchandise or when they give you a close up, it is only of the shirt they are selling.  The child wearing this shirt looks like a douche bag in training from at an early age.  Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t want to slap that dumb smirk off of his face?  The camera man is partially at fault because he couldn’t even get this boy to cup his hand to make the Curry Man “C” which is what he is imitating made clear by the following pictures in which he dorks it up to look like Shark Boy and Super Eric.

Enough bagging on the child, time to move onto the shirt and start in left to right format.  Curry Man is best seen in this shot which is still missing his caricature from its’ right shoulder over.  The thing that sticks out to me the most is the ridiculous set of teeth that they gave him.  Shark Boy’s biceps may be exaggerated, but if he actually hit a gym, he could be that big.  There is no way Curry Man could achieve that perma-grin.  I really would have liked if they would have cartooned up all of their characters but only doing it to one of them makes it stand out and look bad.  Plus, would it be asking the camera man too much to actually feature the whole shirt at some point like when the model was posing as each character?  Evidently it was.

In the center is Super Eric, who has a smirk as equally slappable as the model’s.  The caricature is fine and he may be a little muscled up also.  He is doing a classic, arms folded across the chest which plays up his inspiration from Superman.  Super Eric should be doing the hands on the hips gesture since he does it on TV far more often.  I could get into his costume design, but I’ll save that for when I’m mocking what Super Eric actually wears on TV.

One the right, we have Shark Boy. As noted already, he has rather large arms which make his spindly legs even more entertaining than they are in real life.  TNA has done a nice job of recreating his outfit but that’s all I can say for it. 

On the bottom is a crest that is too large because the name is cumbersome.  The shield is a basic design which has wings on each end, which should be eliminated since none of them can fly.  I’m not sure why it has four stars either since there are only three members in the Brotherhood.  We could only wish that they’d bring aboard their own “Wonder Woman” so that each star represented someone.  At least they got the color scheme correct and went with red, white and blue.

Christy Hemme would make a great Wonder Woman.

Christy Hemme would make a great Wonder Woman.

On the back, we get the statement “We come in peace…They leave in pieces!” which doesn’t sound very super hero like to me.  It sounds like more of an anti-heroes statement coming from the likes of The Punisher or Marv from Sin City.  The heroes are supposed to beat up the villian and then hand them over to the proper authorities like Superman or Batman.

This kind of hero  would leave you in pieces.

This kind of hero would leave you in pieces.

TNA took a big swing, missed and got a “Kapow” right in the kisser for this bad design and catch phrase.  Now if only some child on a playground would do the same to that model, we’d be a better world. – Kevin


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