Hey Another WWE Roster Cut!

Unemployment starts there?

Unemployment starts there?

WWE has released yet another contracted independent contractor. This time, Armando Estrada is the victim. You remember him from such matches as….um……yeah. He was also the General manager of ECW for a spell and ended up losing control to Teddy Long. He broke on to the WWE scene as the manager of the “monster” Umaga. This was his best spot as he complemented the silent Umaga and actually got Umaga over before even wrestling.

This is no big loss for WWE as they will eventually fill his role with another “ethnic” character who will use stereotypical mannerisms and fake accents while bugging their eyes out like a Lemur. Armando will just have to take his cigars, his fantastic abs and his snazzy sense of style to another promotion. May I suggest ROH. -Jeremy

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