Mick Foley Has A Hit On His Hands

Just send me the checks.

Just send me the checks.

Our old employer, and now part-time employer, PWTorch.com has an article up about Mick Foley‘s new sitcom in development with Spike TV. The show will feature Mick Foley, Joey Kola, whoever that is (If he is good I don’t care since he agreed to this shop), Rupert Someone from Survivor (A show I have never watched) and porn relic Christy Canyon (Her of the stretched and battered vagina and probable gaping asshole.)

How this show is appealing to anyone with sight, hearing and fingers is a mystery. This is a Spike TV program so there is no chance of seeing those saggy 36DD titties getting Joey Kola off in the opening credits so what is the point. Really, unless it is a four-man double anal gangbang every episode there is no possible interest whatsoever.

Making this story even better is the fact they were going to call the show “Hey Dude” and since it didn’t test well (Hint: No one tested the show’s title) they changed it to “Have A Nice Day.”

Of course the real reason behind switching the name is because “Hey Dude” was already taken by a far superior show. In case you missed it  “Hey Dude” featured a bunch of queero kids working on a dude ranch in the fictional town of Iamnotgettingassrapedbygaycowboyseventhoughgaycowbysisredundant. It was a huge hit with future Emo kids and pedophiles. -Jeremy

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