The Art of Wrestling – Big Bad Booty Redux

So I took a look at one of Scott Steiner’s t-shirts this past Thursday before iMPACT! aired.  After watching iMPACT!, I realized that Steiner wore a brand new t-shirt during his match.  The problem with this shirt is that TNA is not selling it yet.  Check here and here.  This lack of attention to marketing is another reason why TNA is lagging behind the WWE in the wrestling industry.  As I previously mentioned, Steve Austin came back for a spot as a special guest referee with a new t-shirt and on  WWEshopzone later that week, it became the highest selling t-shirt.  TNA should have made the new shirt available to the public to help increase their sales.  It should be even more important to TNA to market this new shirt since they will continue to use Steiner on TV and pay per views unlike the one and done nature of Austin’s appearance.  What a bunch of dopes. – Kevin


  1. The Art of Wrestling - TNA Marketing Sucks « Stunt Granny - 2008-11-18

    […] Posted on November 18, 2008 by stuntgranny I’ve already noted that TNA is not selling Big Poppa Pump’s new t-shirt last week.  While watching iMPACT! again this past week, Steiner wore the same shirt to the ring […]

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