The Art of Wrestling – Big Bad Booty Return

Unlike Steve Austin, Scott Steiner did not unveil a new shirt upon his return from a lengthy abscense.  So I decided I’d pick on the shirt that TNA is using on  The main color of the shirt is black.  On the front at the top, is a red script “Big” which has extra red lines around it matching the shapes of the letters.  Below it is a white banner with the words “Poppa Pump” cut out to reveal black and they also have a grey drop shadow around them.  Going up to the word “Big” and separating “Poppa Pump” is replica of the tattoo on his chest with a little embellishment and some minor tweeks.  The cross is solid black with a white outline while the cross is shaded grey on his chest and they added posing arms to the top of the heart that are contained within the arms of the cross.  The heart is red with a black outline.  To the right and left of the cross and heart is a thin strip white flames.

TNA certainly has a stringent drug testing policy.

TNA certainly has a stringent drug testing policy.


On the back at the top, is another white banner that reads “Big Bad” in black with red outlines.  The banners use the same font but for some reason changed the shadowing color was changed from grey to red.  The text below the banner and flanking the upper portion of the cross reads “Booty Daddy” in a gothic style print that is white.  TNA really should have left the drop shadow grey, changed the font of “Booty Daddy” to match big on the front and made the text red instead of white.  Minor inconsistencies add up to make any product worse than it could have been.  The heart still has the additional flexing biceps at the top.  It appears as if there is a grey shadow below the main design of Steiner flexing but because TNA is too lazy to photograph their product properly to show both the whole front and back, it is hard to tell.

Every 46 year old who uses the Chuck Norris gym looks this good.

Every 46 year old who uses the Chuck Norris gym looks this good.

The shirt overall is fairly solid with the exceptions that I’ve noted.  They kept the color scheme simple by sticking with the ever popular red, black and white with a hint of grey.  TNA could have been more creative with the use of Steiner’s tattoo but it’s fine the way that it is designed. – Kevin


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