No One Saw This Coming

It all tastes good to me!

It all tastes good to me!

Wow what a shocker here; WWE has released Super Crazy. You may remember him best from riding on a lawnmower and acting as if he was in a Brad Pitt goes to Mexico movie. You may also remember him as a fatter version of his more interesting and athletic self back in ECW. Look, we all know WWE doesn’t like guys who can’t speak English unless they are extremely tall and full of muscle. Super Crazy did himself no favors by hanging out in catering testing all of the food so the top guys didn’t get food poisoning. Of course relying on flipping around and doing “extreme moves” instead of working an actual match probably didn’t help his chances as well. WWE also buried his release like they did any chance of him getting a push. It was a tiny news blurb in the site under WWE News. He didn’t even warrant front-page coverage. So screw him. – Jeremy

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