What The Hell is This?


I have never had the venom for Greg Helms the way some here at Stunt Granny seemingly have in endless supply. I really liked the Hurricane gimmick until it was run in to the ground. I was even willing to give the Hurricane Helms gimmick a chance. Unfortunately, all of my goodwill has been splashed away like a sterile load in the face of a homeless man due to this pic on his MySpace page.

 Look at this dumbass tattoo. Unless Helms is going to wear a singlet the rest of his career he can never go shirtless without looking like a total fucking tool. I never go the whole tattoo thing anyway but something like this is ridiculous. It’s his last name. Why would you do that and really, why on your back? No one cares who you are. It isn’t a sign of strength or confidence it screams “Hey ladies, take a walk on the wildside. WILDSIDE! Then we can get in my Iroc Z and cruise around in all my manliness.” -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2008-11-29 at 2:48 pm #

    Velvet Sky wanted something to read while she’s railing him with her strap-on.

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