The Art of Wrestling – Santino Marella

The WWE did a good job of ripping off an Italian soccer jersey, which happens to be on sale right now for $14.98, so they figured they’d take their chances with another iconic image from Italy for their next shirt.  That image was Ferrari’s shield and the WWE have done a good job melding it with Santino’s personailty.

Ferrari's regular shield.

Ferrari's regular shield.

 The new shirt is being sold here, while a similar shirt with a much smaller logo is being sold by Ferrari here.  The close up image for Santino’s shirt can be found here, which shows that they have deviated from Ferrari’s shield by making it flat at the top instead of arced.  The shield is longer on the sides and more rounded at the bottom to accomodate the image of Santino that has replaced the iconic prancing stallion.  They have moved the lettering up and replaced the initials for Scuderia Ferrari, the original name of Ferrari, with S M.  The WWE chose to make the bar above the shield flat and instead of striping the colors from top to bottom have gone horizontal which is more like the Italian flag.

The Italians come up with good designs, so the WWE may s well rip them off.

The Italians come up with good designs, so the WWE may as well rip them off.

On the back of the shirt,  the WWE has used Ferrari’s other signature design element which is the script Ferrari that extends the top bar of the F all of the way across the remainder of the word and terminates by stopping before the I.  Because Santino’s I is closer to the middle of his name, they have changed the location of the break and continued the bar until the end of his name.  The WWE used 1 on the back of his soccer jersey design so they continued it’s use on this shirt.

The WWE used the same lettering.

The WWE used the same lettering.


The only element that I can’t connect to Ferrari is the Marella family crest on the left shirt sleeve.  The WWE did use the same lion’s head on his soccer jersey shirt though, so they are being consistent.  I tried to find the history of the Marella family crest but had no luck other than finding out that it is the feminine version of Marello and that the base of the name, Mare, is Italian for sea.  One would expect to have a fish as a symbol then, but it isn’t nearly as tough looking as a lion.

The WWE did a good job of adapting Ferrari’s symbols to suit their needs and came up with another great shirt for Santino.  I just wish it was on Top 10 sales list on because it deserves to be. – Kevin

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  1. Fanatic 2009-01-31 at 10:54 pm #

    I’m guessing the lion’s head has to do with the full back tattoo of a lion our Italian hero has had inked on his back.

    It’s a great shirt, now if we could only get rid of that WWE Authentic symbol (put it on the inside tag perhaps).

    • stuntgranny 2009-02-02 at 3:47 pm #

      I’m an idiot. Completely forgot about that for some reason. Good heads up.

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