PWO – Season 2 – Episode 6

Pedro DeLucca introduced Eric Ryan and Cory Winters who took on Noj and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine.  Joe Dombrowski, the play by play announcer, mentioned the prior match ups in singles combat between these four competitors.  Fontaine started against Eric Ryan.  Dombrowski ran over the rest of the show during the early easy exchanges.  Noj and Winters fought but after a tag from Fontaine, Ryan entered the ring without a tag and continued the action.  Winters and Ryan kept Fontaine isolated until Noj got the hot tag.  Noj went for a moonsault but got attacked by Ryan and fell off.  Ryan hit a top rope leg drop for the win.

Analysis: The better wrestlers won.  The PWO will need them to help keep the tag team division fresh with match ups.

Hobo Joe and Aaron Maguire exchanged what they earned panhandling.  Hobo Joe taught Aaron how to make a shank for self protection.  Joe tried to refine Aaron’s manner of panhandling so he could earn more money.  Miochael Cash was the first attempt to impliment the new moves but he only ended up threatening Cash with the shank to give him money.

Analysis: It was a solid segment that was entertaining.  It is odd watching someone being taught how to be a bum.

Earnie Ballz was accompanied by Brian Bender for a singles match.  Ballz was wearing a new full length, sleeveless cow print robe to the ring.  Vincent Nothing was his opponent. The announcers mentioned that Jake Crist was not there due to travel diffuculties.  Nothing got the best of Ballz in the early exchanges.  Ballz got the upper hand after Brian Bender had grabbed Nothing’s leg.  Jamie Scott, the color commentator, did a good job of hyping the rejuvinated “Clash” tag team.  Bender jumped into the ring and attacked Nothing for the disqualification.

Analysis: Nothing is a good wrestler and Ballz is improved in the ring.  Singles matches are a good way to hype a later tag team match between “Irish Nothing” and “The Clash”.  I just wish the match would have had a finish but it did help to define the “The Clash” as the heels since the PWO has pushed “Irish Nothing” as faces since they won the PWO Tag Team Titles at Wrestlelution.

Michael Cash interviewed Shima Zion and his valet, Dawn.  Dawn said that she couldn’t find any talent in the PWO so she brought in Shima Zion.  Zion claimed to have met her at on the runways of Milan.  They insulted Cleveland and said he wanted to win the PWO Heavyweigth Championship and throw it in Lake Erie.  Zion said he was going to start using his real name, Michael Monte Carlo.  They said they were beautiful people and needed to go mainstream.

Analysis: Just a ridiculously bad story that should have started at some less far flung location than Milan considering that the remainder of story was all about the local Cleveland area.  It is nice to see some cheesecake in the PWO though.  The name change was not necessary.  I want to see how Monte Carlo is in the ring.

Bobby Beverly went over his history with Benjamin Boone and said he wanted him one on one.

Analysis: Good, short fiery promo.

Part II of the sitdown interview with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine took place.  Valentine talked about his feud with Chief Jay Strongbow.  Dombrowski prompted him to talk about his dog collar match with Roddy Piper for the US Title at Starcade.  Valentine felt they had stolen the show.  “The Hammer” talked about breaking Flair’s nose with a cane after turning on him and breaking Santana’s leg after winning the Intercontinental Title.  Valentine said it was great to be part of Wrestlemania I and the reason he took on the Junkyard Dog was to extend his already lengthy feud with Tito Santana.  “The Hammer” said he helped to teach Brutus Beefcake because he was the veteran on their team.

Jimmy DeMarco and Gregory Iron came out for the main event of the show.  Iron started off on offense and even followed DeMarco to the floor.  DeMarco crotched Iron on his way back into the ring.  Iron turned around an irish whip that got DeMarco to run shoulder first into the ring post.  Tolar attacked Iron from behind and slapped on the figure four.

Analysis: It wasn’t too bad having no winner in the main event since it tied into the Greg Valentine interviews and Tolar’s prior loss to Gregory Iron.  The match itself was fine but a little short but DeMarco didn’t get in nearly enough offense.  He looked so weak that he wouldn’t have looked worse taking the lose. – Kevin

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  1. AaronMaguire 2009-02-03 at 10:15 pm #

    I appreciate you thinking my stuff is entertaining.

    • stuntgranny 2009-02-04 at 11:27 am #

      I don’t think you were talking about the Beautiful People in TNA either. My is that stuff dreadful.

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