PWO – Season 2 – Episode 8

Benjamin Boone took on Hobo Joe who was accompanied to ringside by Aaron Maguire. Security took Maguire away because he is not employed by the PWO.  Joe Dombrowski, the play by plan man, mentioned that the main event is “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross defending his PWO Heavyweight Title against Virus.  N8 Mattson came to the ring to check out Boone.  Boone dominated the match with Joe getting in a little offense.  Boone won with a face plant suplex.  Boone attacked Joe after the match and then Bobby Beverly made the save.

Analysis: The PWO is wasting an awful lot of time on someone who isn’t  “employed” by them.  The match was just what it needed to be, a beat down that helped cement Boone’s new mean streak.

Michael Cash interviewed Josh Prohibition, Jimmy DeMarco and Mike Tolar.  Prohibition called Tolar the captain and gave the stage to him.  Tolar made fun of Gregory Iron, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Jason Bane.   Prohibition said that Team Valentine didn’t stand a chance and that they’d shave Jason Bane’s back when they were done.

Analysis: Nice bravado from two of the better talkers in the PWO.  It was nice of Prohibition to give props to Tolar who isn’t as high on the heel totem pole.

Michael Cash interviewed “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross and asked about Gargano’s retirement.  Cross said that it was unfortunate that he got injured.  He went on to say that he was done with Prohibition because of how many times he has beaten him.  Cash asked about Virus.  Cross said he won’t underestimate him and that he will come out of the match as champion.

Analysis: Too many issues were involved in that interview.  I know it was only three, but that’s one too many in my book.  Prohibition is a non-factor since he is tied up in a feud with Jason Bane so I would have skipped that and had him talk up Gargano and definitely Virus more.

From Pro Wrestling Rampage, “Sassy” Stephie Sinclair defended her Women’s Title against Angeldust.  Jamie Scott, the color commentator, mentioned that Sinclair recently made her debut in SHIMMER.  Angeldust got in some early licks.  Sinclair hit three short face busters.  Sinclair slapped on a camel clutch and talked trash into the camera.  Angeldust came back with a flying forearm and a cross body block.  Sinclair hit a modified Roll of the Dice.  Sinclair hit the referee first and then Angeldust with brass knuckles.  A second referee hit the ring and made the the three count for Sinclair to retain.

Analysis: Both women were good in the ring and matched up well size wise.  The ending was dumb though because if the second referee knew to come to the ring right away, he’d also know that “Sassy” Stephie had used the brass knuckles.

Michael Cash was interrupted while plugging the PWO website and merchandise by Marshall “The Bull” Gambino who said someone in the PWO locker room owes him money.  He’s going to collect what is his.

Analysis: Enough with Michael Cash on this episode!  Interesting way to introduce a new character but I’m not sure why he’d stick around after collecting his debt.  It would have been nice if they hadn’t used an obvious name.

Pedro DeLucca intriduced Virus, who appeared to have bulked up a bit during his abscence.  Matt Cross came to the ring second.  Dombrowski touted the six man tag match between Team Tolar and Team Valentine for next week.    Good athleticism shown by both early.  Cross took over with a drop kick to Virus who was seated in a corner.  Virus grounded Cross.  Cross reversed a head scissors into a modified bow and arrow.  Virus caught Cross with a boot when he rushed into a corner.  Virus got a near fall after hitting a split legged moonsault.  Virus crotched Cross who fought him off and threw him to the mat.  Cross then hit a Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Analysis: This match was the best I have seen in the PWO since Cross and Prohibition went at it at Wrestlelution.

Prohibition came to ringside, took out Virus and beatdown Cross until Johnny Gargano made the save.  Gargano shook Cross’ hand and celebrated with him.  Gargano then turned on him and kicked Cross in the family jewels.  Gargano said the doctor’s orders were fake and he was ready for his title shot.

Analysis: Domborowski said they were all swerved but I was skeptical from the start because of the nonchalant way Gargano announced his retirement.  I’m not sure why the PWO kept Gargano, one of their best workers and average on the mic, out of the ring just to sell this cheesy of an angle.

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