PWO – Season 2 – Episode 9

“Bloody” Morty Rackem came to the ring with Matthew Justice as Joe Dombrowski and Jamie Scott explained the trouble the two have been having problems.  “Omega” Aaron Draven was his opponent.  Rackem kicked Draven during a handshake.  Draven tossed Rackem outside with a head scissors and hit a moonsault onto the floor.  The action went back and forth until Draven was blocked attempting a top rope huracanrana.  Rackem used the ref as a shield.  He tried to cheat, Justice stopped him briefly but he used his belt to knock out Draven.  The referee woke when Rackem made the cover and he got the three count.

Analysis: They furthered the storyline of Justice and Rackem having problems.  The match was bad considering that these two are solid workers.

Hobo Joe and Aaron Maguire compared how much money they collected.  Maguire still wasn’t earning much.  Hobo Joe told Aaron to break dance for extra money.  Joe then ukulele since Maguire pointed out his broken foot.  Maguire then tried to get money from Michael Cash by singing and playing for him but he ended up trying to attack him with the ukulele.

Analysis: I’m not sure where they are going with this storyline.  It doesn’t make sense why a former agent wouldn’t understand and adapt to pan handling to make himself more money.  The only thing that has been established by these skits is that Maguire has a temper.

Michael Cash interviewed Gregory Iron and Jason Bane about the six man tag match.  Iron said that he was going to take out Jimmy DeMarco.  Bane said he was going to whoop some ass.

Analysis: A pretty by the book, blah babyface promo(s).

EJ Georgio came to the ring with Ben Fruth.  Marion Fontaine presented “The Savage from the deepest, darkest forest of the Congo.”  The Savage squashed Georgio with a top rope splash for a thankfully short match.

Analysis: The Savage is just a big, fat, pasty white guy who wears a leopard print skirt and boots along with a black singlet.  The Savage is awful and dumb.  Normally, I’m a bit lenient because they’re a small promotion but this segment never should have seen the light of day.

I think they replayed the part of the Greg “The Hammer” Valentine interview when he talked about getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  I fastforwarded thru it so if it wasn’t a replay, tough cookies.

Team Tolar (Jimmy DeMarco, Josh Prohibition and Mike Tolar) was introduced first with the captain being last.  Team Valentine (Iron, Bane and Greg Valentine) came out second.  Bane turned an insincere shake from the heels into six man action.  Gregory Iron and Josh Prohibition started the match.  Iron took control and tagged in Jason Bane.  After smacking around Prohibition, Bane tagged Iron back in.  Jimmy DeMarco, Mike Tolar and Prohibition took turns tagging in and out and kept Iron away from his corner.  Iron hit a jawjacker to almost got the hot tag.  Iron connected with a boot in the corner and a tornado DDT.  Valentine got the hot tag and cleaned house.  Both Valentine and Tolar tried to do a figure four when all six got into the action again.  Tolar hit Iron with brass knuckles when the referee was distracted with action outside of the ring.  Tolar got the pin when the ref turned around.  Team Valentine then beat up Team Tolar to close the show.

Analysis: Wow, they hyped this match for three weeks and it in no way delivered.  The biggest problem was Gregory Iron not being legal yet still taking the pin fall.  Even a dumb referee should know who is the legal man.  Valentine was barely in the ring and looked bad when he was.  If the PWO is going to continue to use him, he needs to help the young guys, not hurt them.  Take a pin fall old man.  The last two months have been reruns and highlight shows, as far as I can tell, so this show has really left a bad taste in my mouth.

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  1. AaronMaguire 2009-04-27 at 7:58 pm #

    I’d like to see more PWO reviews, please. I know it’s tough to keep up with it, because of the series of repeats, but we’ve taped weeks of new TV. Even when you shit on us, I still enjoy reading your opinions. Thanks.

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