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No, we don't need extensions to fit to wear these belts around our waists.

No, we don't need extensions to wear these belts around our waists.

I suppose it is fitting that I finally take a look at a t-shirt that TNA came out with in early March seeing as though Team 3D is “coming home” to Philadelphia this weekend and ready to take on Beer Money in the “Six Sides of Steel”.  As a side note before talking about the shirt, TNA has not come out with a new shirt since the Suicide, Kong and this shirt.  That’s sad especially considering that the WWE has come out with at least new shirts for Edge, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy and Steve Austin.  Those shirts don’t even begin to cover the bevy of items that I barely touched on that the WWE sells for Wrestlemania.

On to the shirt itself, which continues the use of skull and bones images that TNA used on Team 3D’s “World Tour” t-shirt.  I’m not exactly sure what the connection is, much like Randy Orton and his gas mask motif, but so long as they are consistent I think it’s a good idea.  The bone hands doing the Team 3D logo is fitting although I’m not sure why Bubba isn’t doing it the same way in the picture.  Both Dudleys do it the way the bone hands are pictured as they walk to the ring.  I do like the text used for 3D (I’m a sucker for Gothic style texts) and the colors are fitting with black, white and red.  The red is especially useful since it’s supposed to reinforce the idea that they’re hardcore and have lost a lot of blood in those style matches.  The blooding dripping off the bone hands is a nice touch and is much better seen here, as is the whole design.    I’d like to see a little more pattern out of the blood because it looks like it’s spraying up from the bottom aside from the nearly all white N.Y.C. at the bottom.  The shadow gray barbed wire in the background is a nice touch to keep the hardcore theme going.

On the back (here and here) they have a shadow gray skull with red eyes that is biting on the statement “For Those About To Drop…We Salute You” which I suppose is in reference to having the 3D executed on you.  I think it’s a dumb statement and should be off of the shirt.  I really would prefer to see the skull chewing on the barbed wire instead of the words too.  It’d make the shirt look more hardcore.  I see it coming our of it’s eye socket but that isn’t quite enough in my book.  The TNA logo at the top has been downsized which is good thing.

See, doesn't barbed wire in the mouth look more hardcore?

See, doesn't barbed wire in the mouth look more hardcore?

Overall, I’d have to give this shirt a passing grade even if I have minor problems with pieces of it.  The positives out weight the negatives.  Now if only Devon would stop mugging for the camera (here and here) I could have stopped laughing while doing this review. – Kevin

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