Well That Was Hilarious

Funny makes me smile

Funny makes me smile

Alright, so apparently the Vickie Guerrero grossfest was just a prank by John Cena for April Fool’s Day. According to WWE.com it was all Cena’s idea and the dumbasses went along with it. I know that it’s all fake but this shit is stupid. Is WWE.com a fucking news site or an extension of their product? Make up your fucking minds. I don’t care that it was a prank but news sources aren’t supposed to do this stuff. So, it is now officially just entertainment. This must mean Test isn’t really dead after all and he will be in the Divas Battle Royal.

Bad enough they do shit like this but then I wasted my time posting about something that seems perfectly in tune with what WWE would actually do in the first place., Far be it from WWE to produce rancid angles like this. I guess that’s what makes it so funny. You can hear the laughter of the web writers and then their cackling voices saying “See our TV writers are so atrocious it’s totally believable.”

On a side note, at least the included those hilarious fucking pictures.  Can’t believe I risked getting fired for downloading that nasty picture of Vickie for no good reason. -Jeremy

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