Pro Wrestling Ohio – Season 2 – Episode 11


Could Josh Prohibition be wearing a title belt in the PWO soon?

The Clash, Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, came to the ring. Earnie Ballz talked about how great they were and called out half of the Tag Team Champions, Vincent Nothing. Nothing announced that due to Jake Crist’s abscence, the PWO has allowed him to name a new tag and it was his old partner (from a previous organization), Christian Faith.

Nothing started the match against Bender. Faith & Nothing took turns beating on Bender, including some nice double team moves. The Clash took over and started working over Nothing. Faith interferred on a regular basis but not enough to help his partner get the tag. Brian Bender missed a second rope elbow drop which allowed Nothing to tag in Christian Faith. Faith cleaned house ending with a near fall off a Tiger Bomb. Faith & Nothing hit a combination back suplex and clothesline for the win.

Analysis: It was a solid match that will hopefully start a full fledged feud between these two teams. Even though Jamie Scott sounded like a broken record, he was correct in pointing out that the contenders were ready for Jake Crist instead of Christian Faith. That point should be the crutch they use to extend the feud. If The Clash doesn’t end up winning the belts, they need to be made singles westlers because the tag division isn’t big enough to have a midcard feud.

Josh Prohibition and Johnny Gargano were on the screen. Prohibition complained about his loss to Virus but said after Gargano wins the three way match “They’ll” get a shot at the PWO Heavyweight Title. Gargano continued whining about being put in the match for the number one contender’s slot.

Analysis: Evidently you can get away with saying Fother Muckers on TV. Thank You Johnny Gargano. If Gargano hadn’t faked an injury (at least according to the storyline) he would have taken on Matt Cross by himself so he shot himself in the foot. Johnny did fail to acknowledge Prohibition’s use of “We” when referring to a title shot which could be a long lead in for a future feud between the two.

Morty Rackem with Matthew Justice took on Aaron Draven. The announcers (Joe Dombrowski and Jamie Scott) talked about the rift between Pirate Justice. Draven took control of the match early with a pair of monkey flips. Rackem tossed him into the steel guard rail. Rackem distracted the referee after tossing Draven at Justice’s feet expecting him to attack him. Justice didn’t attack Draven and Rackem got frustrated. Justice took Rackem’s hands off the ropes during an illegal pin. Rackem and Justice argued afterwards. Draven hit a suicide dive thru the ropes.  Draven hit a jackhammer for a near fall. Rackem hit a cannonball (Fireman’s carry roll thru slam). Rackem tried to use his studded belt but Justice threw it to Draven who used it. Draven then hit a top rope stomp for the win.

Analysis: Jamie Scott is a complete tool for calling Undertaker old and slow. Evidently he missed Wrestlemania and the other fantastic work Undertaker is doing on a regular basis. It was a solid match that was more about Justice & Rackem than Draven getting a win back against Rackem who cheated to win the first time. It’s a shame that Draven was in the background because he’s a good wrestler. Justice looked like he’s been hitting the gym which is good because he’s another good wrestler.

Mike Tolar got some mic time and talked to E.J. Giorgio and Ben Fruth. He told them to stick with him and they’ll go far. Tolar said he has proven that he can beat both Johnny Gargano and Jason Bane one on one so he’s going to win the three way dance. He then called Matt Cross a gymnast, himself a real wrestler and claimed he’d beat Cross.

Analysis: The alliance with the two new guys could be entertaining if they are used as lackies. Tolar had a good serious tone after he got rid of them.

Hobo Joe and Aaron Maguire were rummaging thru the garbage. Maguire said he needs lots of money. They were happy to find a fish sandwich and Dr. Pepper. Joe noted that Maguire’s arm was broken. He called Joe a real friend. Gambino finally found Maguire and threatened him personally to have the money in two weeks.

Analysis: Good, funny segment that’ll put Maguire back in the spotlight that he had last year. I know Joe went off to grab some money, but I assume he saw Gambino talking to Maguire so he should have helped him out.

Jimmy DeMarco took on Super Hentai in the main event. Hentai took control on the outside including a Rob Van Dam like leg drop off the apron onto Demarco who was draped on the guardrail. DeMarco took control (during a replay). Both stayed down after a power slam by Hentai. Hentai hit some knees in the corner and a bulldog out of it. Hentai went to the top rope but DeMarco threw the referee into the ropes. DeMarco then got distracted by Gregory Iron coming down the walkway. Hentai tossed DeMarco off the ropes and hit a double knee drop for the win.

Analysis: Another good match. The announcer’s did a good job of playing up Hentai’s injuries at the hands of Johnny Gargano. The Iron/DeMarco feud takes another logical step forward. DeMarco pointed out his new gym regiment by pointing at his much flatter stomach. Good to see him stepping it up.

Final Analysis: Boy, this show did a one week turn around.  The production mistakes were few and far between – a couple of references to 2 weeks but the pretaped segments may have been meant to air on the previous show and the replay gaffe. They foreshadowed a possible Prohibition/Gargano feud, moved things along in the tag division and did plenty of advertising and promos for next weeks number one contender’s match.

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