Stunt Granny Was Raw

I didn’t get around to this last night because I went home to watch the Penguins (lose) which is a funny story that I can hopefully tell if I record with one of the other chaps later tonight. I had the pleasure of sitting beside two people who didn’t quite fit in their seats and practically sitting on this hot wife’s lap.  Too bad her child and husband were there. I’d love to be able to make fun of the guy but he’s banging a smokin’ hot wife hopefully every night.

Shay Mack, a giant Irishiman, defeated Jamie Noble for Superstars.  Noble did some good mic work before the match making fun of Mack’s pastiness. Noble was on offense the majority of the match but Mack ended up winning with a Rock Bottom Back Breaker. He was OK and fits the WWE molds of  “Bigger is Better” and “Ethnic people we can exploit”.

Next was an “exhibition match” between the Big Show and Hornswoggle who got a solid pop. Big Show teased tossing him into the crowd but then Goldust made the save. Goldust got his ass kicked and Big Show left.

Lilian doesn’t just screw up on camera. She forgot to promote t-shirts and then had to do the shirt cannon. Josh Matthews did a best sign contest. There were a boatload of Cena signs. The Bella Twins did the kiss cam. They have much better trunks than I previously thought. I’m glad they threw in these random things because I couldn’t have handled another Wrestlemania or tour of Iraq commercial.

The Dark Match was John Cena & Batista against Big Show & Randy Orton. Orton continued to sell his injury from the end of Raw. The biggest pop may have been when Batista and Cena teamed up to suplex Big Show. Cena acted like all was fine and ended the match with an Attitude Adjustment on Big Show.

I’ll be back later with more of my observations and hopefully a show tonight. – Kevin

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