TNA is a joke, tries to leech off WWE/NBA snafu

Would you all be acting this way had WWE just held Raw out here?

Would you all be acting this way had WWE just held Raw out here?

I don’t think I technically used “snafu” correctly (it’s Army-talk for “Situation Normal: All Fucked Up,” and the Pepsi Arena thing was all fucked up, so it might not be that wrong), but I didn’t want to use Jason Powell’s/Dot Net’s word, “debacle”. I truly think so little of TNA, the little engine that can’t, that I will spend the first full sentence of this post explaining what “snafu” means and relating it to WWE. Anyway, according that post I linked above, TNA is trying to pander to Colorado fans by giving a discount on upcoming TNA shows to not-at-all-WWE’s-fault-that-they’re-disgruntled WWE ticketholders…

“It was sad to see the WWE pull out of all their scheduled shows in Colorado recently because of the scheduling conflict with the NBA playoffs. I want everyone in Colorado to know that TNA Wrestling is coming and we hope to see you at our first shows ever in your state. For WWE fans that paid for any of these cancelled events, we are offering you $10 off the purchase of tickets to come see us and enjoy the best fan experience in pro wrestling.”

Fuck you, you filthy c-unit. You and Stan Kroenke both. You’ve tried to turn this around on Vince, which is typical of a couple of women like yourselves. (OOOH, did I just go there??) WWE’s hands were tied and, whether or not you agree with them moving all three CO shows to Los Angeles, they did what they felt they had to do because of the Pepsi Arena management’s poor planning skills. End of story. That is, until IWA-MS offers $2.18 off any $5 ticket in Colorado to fans who bring their ticket to Raw and a handy light tube. -Eric

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  1. Awesome Dude 2009-05-23 at 7:45 pm #

    Maybe they concentrate on filling up Slammiversary instead of trying to get a few extra suckers to go to their house shows. Good luck TNA filling up the Palace. Better start papering the audience with the buy one get seven free $7 special. I mean god damnit, they got Jeff Jarrett on their poster for the ppv. Jarrett is box office poison.

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