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If you are a wrestling fan on the internet, chances are you have some opinionz. The best way to express those opinionz is by utilizing You Tube. The following are just a few examples of how people are reacting to things that have recently happened in WWE. First, we’ll start with a few reactions about the Extreme Rules PPV:

And here’s one reacting to the recent release of Umaga:

Note that that last one might be a parody, but it’s so hard to tell these days. There might be more answers at </cross-promotion> – Dusty

WWE releases Umaga, I hate everything

How are your future endeavors going, Uncle?

"How are your future endeavors going, Uncle Afa?"

According to both Figure Four Weekly and, WWE has released Umaga. Once again, I know I’m the biggest Umaga fan at SG by about 10 horse-lengths, but this is just stupid. Umaga, before he started talking, was different, which these days is a good thing. He was chubby but athletic, he was monstrous and animalistic, and he had cool shit all over his body. No, I’m not trying to say he was a Bertha Faye rip-off. He could have made a great stablemate for someone like Edge or a heel John Morrison, someone too savage to realize his vicious ways were being taken advantage of for another wrestler’s sake. Two years ago I would have said “This would make sense if WWE was making room for Samoa Joe,” but nowadays, fuck Samoa Joe. (No offense.) -Eric


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