PWO – Season 2 – Episode 13

This picture is as connected to the PWO as one of their segments.

This picture is as connected to the PWO as one of their segments.

Super Hentai took on Morty Rackem, with Matthew Justice.  Hentai and Rackem countered easy moves from each other. Hentai clotheslined Rackem outside then hit a sling shot cross body on the floor. Rackem executed a swinging neck breaker. Rackem tried to hit a top rope suplex but was thrown off. Hentai missed a top rope cross body. Rackem hit a DDT but didn’t get a three count. Rackem distracted the referee by throwing a chair in the ring. He tried to use his belt but it was taken away by Matthew Justice. Hentai then executed a Northern Lights Suplex for the win. Rackem attacked Hentai with the belt when Justice made the save.

Analysis: Good match. Dombrowski, flying solo, advanced Hentai’s obsession with Johnny Gargano and the rift between Justice and Rackem. The later of the feuds needs to move along further because it’s been treading water for too long.

Hobo Joe bought two phones and a pager from a random stranger. Maguire arrived and told him he needs to manage his money better. Maguire kept telling him he’s an agent, he can handle the money and he can make them rich together. Bobby Beverly arrived and got Joe to blow off Maguire.

Analysis: I’m not sure why Maguire didn’t continue to lobby Joe and go with him and Beverly. Joe should be smart enough to point out the irony of Maguire wanting to handle the money.

Up next was the Wrestling All Star Promotion’s Battle Royal with a bunch of unknown wrestlers pointed out by Michael Cash who was flying solo in the announcer booth. When the ring finally cleared of a majority of the competitors, Tough Tina (the only female contestant) was dumped by Dirty Sanchez to bring it to four competitors. The Bouncer, Traz and Joe DiAmonte were the others. Sanchez eliminated Traz, who was his tag team partner. The Bouncer tossed Sanchez as he gave the usual “I had to do it” look to his partner. DiAmonte the chucked The Bouncer to win the battle royal which was his first match in the Wrestling All Star Promotion.

Analysis: PWO had done some work with Pro Wrestling Rampage in the early part of the season which was fine because it was usually a singles or tag team match with someone you had seen on PWO TV before. Having some many unknowns, especially with hack names, was a terrible idea especially when even the announcer is clueless. The Battle Royal itself was pretty lack luster and didn’t involve any wrestling even when it got down to the last two contestants.

They had a recap segment with Johnny Gargano fooling Matt Cross (full review here). Analysis: They should have shown this segment last week to keep everything in chronological order since the three way match for the number one contender’s spot came after this swerve.

The Rock Show, hosted by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, redebutted with Mike Tolar as the special guest. Tolar claimed that Ben Fruth and E.J. Giorgio massaging him will help their grip in the ring. Ballz asked where Tolar would go after his loss in the number one contender’s match. Tolar said he will assume the number one contender’s spot when he beats Jason Bane next week.

Analysis: Brian Bender sat there like a bum on a log so they need to give him a little more mic time if they’re going to continue this segment. They could also use a better back drop that’s more than a black sheet. Even if they had gone blue and yellow like their tights, it would have been an improvement. I liked the grip joke and thought Tolar heeled it up pretty well by making excuses for his loss in the three way match.

Aaron Maguire wondered aloud what he’d do and how he’d get the money for his gambling debt. Marshall “The Bull” Gambino showed up with a partner. They threatened Maguire with physical harm if he didn’t come up with the money and then tossed him in a dumpster.

Analysis: Solid segment but I thought his time was up to pay the debt. Gambino and his partner should have beaten on him more before tossing him into the dumpster.

Note: Be prepared for a longer report on the match than normal since I thought it was appropriate for a built up PWO Heavyweight Title defense by “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross.

Johnny Gargano , with Josh Prohibition, came to the ring for the main event. Matt Cross, with a killer mohawk, walked to the ring. Matt Cross was on the attack early while Gargano yammered to the the crowd. They fought outside the ring. Dombrowski said the Gargano had the ability but not the maturity to win the match. Gargano turned it around when he pulled Cross’ legs so that his face smacked the ring apron as he came back into the ring. Gargano finally took off his ring jacket and used it to choke Cross. “M-Dogg 20” hit a fire man’s carry neck breaker but was too beat up to make the cover.  Cross executed an inverted and regular atomic drop. Cross hit a Miz (dive thru) clothesline. Gargano blocked a superplex, hit an enziguiri and then a back cracker. Cross blocked a bulldog and caught Gargano with a standing shooting star press.

Cross landed on his feet after a moonsault attempt but got hit with a thrust kick. Gargano then hit his finisher, Uniquely You which is a full nelson flapjack. Gargano couldn’t make the cover quick enough so Cross kicked out. Gargano hit another Uniquely You again but Prohibition talked him into trying it again. Cross turned the third attempt into a victory roll for the win.

Prohibition talked trash to Cross and told him to take him on in a match immediately. Cross accepted the the offer. Prohibition quickly hit Drunken Driver for the win. He told Gargano “We did it!” Gargano looked confused and dejected.

Analysis: The match between Gargano and Cross was quite good.  Having Prohibition cost Gargano the belt is a good way to build a baby face but confusing with Gargano’s upcoming feud with Super Hentai. Cross needed to lose the belt because of his infrequent appearances.

Final Analysis: The PWO tread water with the stories for the most part aside from the main event. The  Wrestling All Stars Promotion’s battle royal was a waste of time. The main event was planned out so that they went 18 minutes without a commercial break which was great and better planning than TNA has ever shown.

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