WWE’s The Bash review audio

His god damn foot was under the ropes?

His god damn foot was under the ropes?

All right folks, we got an audio up in a timely fashion. That’s right; Stunt Granny presents the WWE’s The Bash 2009 Audio review. We actually got this accomplished as soon as the show ended so all of our thoughts are unfiltered, totally not thought out and probably down right incorrect but it’s all good. Join Kevin, Eric Jeremy and junior member Jordan as they discuss all of the good, not so good and down right bad of The Bash. They discuss the Rey Mysterio / Chris Jericho match and how it fared up against CM Punk and Jeff hardy for the match of the night. They rightfully take the main event between Orton and Triple H to task for being a plodding borefest. They even manage to talk about Samoa Joe and the Main Event Mafia as well as the whereabouts of one Mr. Dusty Giebink. It’s a riproarious good time so check it out won’t ya?

Stunt Granny Audio- WWE The Bash 2009 Review

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