PWO – Season 2 – Episode 20

The Cuyahoga burning could have been used in two promos.

The Cuyahoga burning could have been used in two promos.

Marshall Gambino, with brother Mickey and agent Aaron Maguire, came to the ring for his match against “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Joe Dombrowski and Michael Cash noted that Fontaine should have brougth back up. Cash got booted from color by Sex Appeal, Bobby Shields, Dawn Decadence and Bobby Beverly. They said they should be getting Fontaine’s TV time because they work on their bodies. Marshall got winded doing a criss cross which allowed Fontaine to hit a second rope missile drop kick. Fontaine got in a couple of shots and Marshall slid outside. Fontaine hit a suicide dive on all three. Fontaine tried to whip Marshall into a corner but got reversed. Marshall gave Fontaine a belly to belly suplex. Marshall tossed “The Megastar” outside, distracted the referee and Mickey attacked him. Marshall missed a top rope splash. Fontaine gave a thrust kick, bulldog and second rope moonsault. Marshall hit a side slam and gave him a spinning rock bottom for the win.

Analysis: The match was barely talked about which always irritates me. The talking points were fine and helped fill in the background on “The Obsession” Caleb Connelly. Fontaine got in way too much offense. Marshall is a big guy but after seeing him in other matches, he shouldn’t have been acting winded after the criss cross.

Maguire grabbed the microphone and said Hobo Joe & Jason Bane will take a beating just like Fontaine just did. He also said they may even light them on fire like the river. Joe & Bane chased them out of the ring.

Analysis: It was fine but the material could have been freshened up some.

Joe Dombrowski continued his sit down interview with Josh Prohibition. Dombrowski asked him about the rift that started between Gargano and Prohibition at Wrestlelution. Prohibition said that started because Gargano got a title shot there and he was sending a message to him by severly beating up all of his opponents. Prohibition said that Gargano has been his puppet the whole time. Prohibition said that Gargano didn’t listen heed him and that’s why he lost to Matt Cross. Prohibition said he has sick intentions for Wrestlelution 2.

Analysis: The puppet line was a repeat but otherwise it was fresh material.

Benjamin Boone, with N8 Mattson, took on Gregory Iron for a spot in the TV Title match at Wrestlelution. Mattson told Al Snow that he was going to wipe the mat with him and show him why Michigan is better than Ohio. Dombrowski mentioned that Draven was still hurt and may not fully heal before Wrestlelution. Iron got the upper hand by stomping on Boone’s foot then using his speed to get around his larger and stronger opponent. Boone took a breather outside and got advice from Mattson. Mattson distracted Iron for Boone to attack him from behind. Mattson dropped Iron on the railign while Boone distracted the referee. Iron missed a spring board back elbow. Boone slammed Iron then put him in a bear hug. Iron clubbed his way out then hit the spring board back elbow. Iron got in a near fall off a top rope cross body block. Boone speared Iron for the three count.

Analysis: Good match by both. Not sure what Boone’s finisher is but fit in with his pair of bear hugs to knock the wind out of his opponent.

Matt Cross addressed Mike Tolar and said that they were both great athletes but they’re not in gymnastics or amateur wrestling. Cross said he’s a great professional wrestler and he’s going to prove it at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: The young guys can learn something from this interview because even though he’s the former PWO Heavyweight Champion, he still mentioned his name at the beginning of the promo. The rest of the promo was sound in addressing Tolar’s criticism of his style and bringing the intensity.

Joe Dombrowski continued his sit down interview with Johnny Gargano and asked him about how things started to change last year at Wrestlelution.  Gargano said he injured his back in his match against Gregory Iron. Prohibition dragged him off the doctor’s table and got him to help during his match against Matt Cross but Prohibition still failed. Gargano said he supported him and helped him rehab from his back injury. Gargano later realized the Prohibition wanted him to soften up Cross so that he could get an easy win over Cross. Gargano had believed it was an equal partnership. Super Hentai and Cross both helped plant the seed in Gargano’s mind but Prohibition still said he had his best interest in mind. Dombrowski asked about their match at Wrestlelution. Gargano said he doesn’t want the table scraps Prohibition has been feeding him and wants the main course, the PWO Heavyweight Title. Gargano looked right in the camera and said they both know that he is the better wrestler.

Analysis: The only minor criticism I can levy is after Dombrowski’s last question, the answer went on a little too long. The point and intensity was there and it was again fresh material.

Pirate Justice, “Bloody” Morty Rackem & Matthew Justice, took on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Neidhart started against Justice. Justice hit a pair of drop kicks and tagged in Rackem. They failed on a double team attempt and were both clotheslined by “The Anvil”. Valentine came in and started working over Rackem. Rackem got in some shoulder blocks and tagged in Justice. Valentine & Neidhart took turns beating on him. “The Hammer” missed an elbow which allowed Rackem to come back in. He knocked Valentine down but missed a top rope splash. Justice tagged back in but was met by a Neidhart clothesline. Valentine slapped the figure four on Justice. Neidhart inadvertently distracted the referee so Rackem gave Justice the studded belt to hit Valentine but he threw it out of the ring. Justice tapped out. As Justice got up, Rackem kicked him in his injured knee then strangled him with the belt. My DVR cut off just as the Clash attacked Valentine & Neidhart in the locker room.

Analysis: The match was terrible. Dombrowski did the best to cover for Valentine & Neidhart plodding along. The aftermath was solid but predictable. I forgot to compliment the video production last episode. They now have the capabilities to show the live action on part of the screen and a replay on the other part so that was a nice perk in these most recent two episodes.

Final Analysis: Marshall Gambino vs. Fontaine -1, Maguire promo 0, Prohibition interview +1, Boone vs. Iron +1, Cross promo +2, Gargano interview +2, Pirate Justice vs. Valentine & Neidhart -1. The total ends up as 4/7 but the positives of Prohibition and Gargano’s interviews are extra important since it’s the main event of Wrestlelution. Throw in a veteran like Cross knocking his promo out of the park and it’s a better show than my math presents.

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