Santino returns to greatness

Ok you gotta love this. I have been a critic of Santino for the last few months about not being funny any longer. Well, this video just kicked me in the balls. This is footage from someone’s cell phone during The Brisbane Cup 2009; whatever that is. Anyway, it starts off with the standard John Cena/Triple H “are they or aren’t they gonna kiss” segment when Santino interrupts. He then steals the match and leaves the other wrestlers laughing.

 See this is what house shows are supposed to be for. They give the wrestlers a chance to loosen up and in this case they all do. Look at Big Show and Cena both have wide grins. Even Triple H seems to have enjoyed the act as he smirks with contempt at yet another act more entertaining than his own. 

So watch it before it gets taken down.  (Special thanks to TGBV over at’s message board for finding this.) -Jeremy

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