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That's the same face I make when I try to watch Raw.

That's the same face I make when I try to watch Raw.

So if you are on the internet and you have lots of o4u about things, you’re probably all up in arms about Vince McMahon’s use of the word “gay” this past Monday on Raw. Or maybe you don’t care at all, because you know it was a total throwaway line. But you know who does care? GLAAD. Here is an excerpt from the GLAAD Blog site:

McMahon here wasn’t implying the performers were gay, however, he used the term in a derogatory manner. It’s just another example of how people throw around the word “gay” derisively.

This came from the leader of a $500 million-plus organization who holds a lot of power in what he says and what he does.

The WWE’s website states, “WWE is committed to family-friendly, PG content across all of its platforms including television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing.” However, off-handedly using “gay” in a derogatory manner is anything but family-friendly.

WWE programming reaches 16 million viewers each week. McMahon needs to understand that the words he uses and how he uses them can greatly affect people’s lives.

GLAAD is reaching out to McMahon and the USA Network.

Okay, you go do that, GLAAD. Let’s pretend that trying to suggest to Vince that something he said or did might not have been the right thing to do. We can ask Bob Costas about what a sane, rational person Vince he is. Well, you can. I’ll be busy buying Vince that big blue balloon he asked for. – Dusty

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