Dragon Gate PPV taping follow-up: JR, Gabe, pizza

This is awesome~!

This is awesome~!

Jim Ross posted a few thoughts about the Dragon Gate PPV taping in Chicago on his JRsBarBQ.com blog (try their chipotle ketchup, it’s awesome) after bitching about Oklahoma’s loss on Saturday:

Loved the Dragon Gate show. The fans in attendance were awesome. Their passion was infectious. Bravo to them. The talents worked so hard in the ring. Their style is uniquely fast and athletic. Lots of the great Ultimo Dragon stylings which was expected and exciting. Had a chance to visit w/ Brian Kendrick and he seemed happy which was good. Brian’s basing out of LA these days and says he has plenty of work lined up. I wish him well. The King & I met some super fans at our pre-event signing. I enjoy hearing what’s on the minds of the fans of the biz. Thanks to all that dropped by to say hello.

He specifically talked about a fan he spoke to and also said Lawler kept on the phone a lot Sunday. Click to find out why.

We all saw Gabe Sapolsky running around like a nervous chicken with his freaked-out head cut off. Don’t blame him, of course… The concession prices were out of hand, but once I saw how gigantic the slices of pizza were, I decided they were worth all six of those dollars (Derekstellar pointed out how appropriate it was that the only topping available was “sausage”)… The Congress Theater was a gorgeous venue, but I wonder how well that will come across on PPV/DVD. Click here to check the place out… Highspots.com’s $5 DVD bin suckered us big-time, but Jordan and I have some sweet St. Louis DVDs to check out now… I’m going to edit this into the original post, but it looked like about 600 people attended the show, so that could be a really good gate for Dragon Gate (especially given the stage-height upgrade DGUSA offered us general admission ticket holders, for $20 more… we didn’t do it)… -Eric

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