Hide Your Hearts Girls, Umaga’s Coming


According to prowrestling.net (http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article1008237.shtml):

Umaga could be headed back to WWE. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he backed out of a scheduled shoot interview and cited a possible WWE return as the reason.

This is good news, as I have been a fan of Umaga’s since he came back from Japan. I know he’s had some wellness policy issues, and as such would probably be kept on a short leash, but I think he could definitely be an asset to the company, especially if used properly. (Which I believe means used as a killer heel, not a smiling babyface.) With the scales tipping towards babyfaces in the top tiers of both Smackdown and Raw, here’s hoping they do exactly that. – Dusty

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