Mr. Nanny Returns

Hogan is going to need a team to properly clean out TNA's writing staff.

In this story from, Hulk Hogan is quoted as saying:

“In TNA, I’m going to listen to those fans and give them what they want. I’m not going to keep shoving a bunch of terrible, horrible, stale programming down their throats. I’m going to take the writers and tell them, ‘Go get another job. Sit in the back. If I need you to write a jingle for a commercial, maybe we’ll use you for that.’ “

What a novel concept, listening to the fans! Gawd forbid a wrestling promoter did that. There could be an upside to Hogan cleaning house but the downside is that it’s Hulk Hogan who will be putting his cronies in place who have their own list of terrible, horrible, stale programming that they’ll shove down our throats.

I do think this statement is made weak by the fact that Hulk was a giant sissy and made the announcement in Perth, Australia. You had plenty of air time to blast them while you were in the States promoting your book including your time on Bubba The Love Sponge show. It makes one wonder how much power he will really have in TNA. Considering that Dixie Carter will get on her knees because of a Twitter campaign, I’m sure Hulk will have her ready to give her a piledriver while her husband watches like the cuckhold he is. – Kevin

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