Pro Wrestling Ohio – Season 3 – Episode 1

Stunt Granny missed reviewing Pro Wrestling Ohio.

I wanted to review the matches from Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age but between a malfunctioning DVR and a terrible cable signal, I missed all of the recording of Wrestlelution so no reviews until I have the money to buy the DVD.

Joe Dombrowski and Agent Aaron Maguire introduced the season. Maguire bought the time from Michael Cash to do the announcing. N8 Mattson came to the ring accompanied by Benjamin Boone. The “Megastar” Marion Fontaine was his opponent. The announcers did a good ob previewing the card for the show. The match started slowly until Boone tried to interfere. Fontaine dove onto him from the top rope for his trouble.  Mattson did take control of the match. Mattson applied a rest hold a couple of times to wear down Fontaine. The “Megastar” turned thingsaround with a pair of knees and a Lou Thesz press. Fontaine hit a Lionsault but Boone distracted the ref to prevent a count. ontaine went after oone which allowed attson to hitCe Breaker or the winner.

Analysis: Not exactly a barn burner of a match to start the season on.The match was solid with nothing standing out though.

They showed a backstage segment from Wrestlelution 2 in which Mattson and Boone attacked Viurs. They left him battered in the backstage area.

“The Suburban Terrorist”  Facade talked about being an aerial assasin. He talked about using PWO as a spring board for his career. He’s going to show off his moves.

Analysis: His mic skills are limited. They gave him a shade too much time because he lost steam at the end. He had a rhyming scheme to his promo.

Portia Perez took on Hailey Hatred in a Wrestlelution 2 rematch. Hatred stared a “USA” chant sinc Poria is from Canda. They started with some early quick exchanges. The match finally picked up two mintues into the action. Hailey took control until a drop toe hold into the turn buckle. Perez went to work on the left shoulder . Portia hit a niceoverhead key lock into a shoulder drop.  Hatred made a comeback with a pair of high kicks and a ilt-a-whirl side slam. Hatred turned an electric chair into a bridging pin but only got a two count.Hatred hit her finisher, the fisherman’s buster, for the three count.

Analysis: Maguire made a nice comment by telling Perez to go back and do some extra training before taking on Hailey Hatred again. It wasa  good match after the slow start. During the match, Dombrowski mentioned that they were teaming with Wrestler’s Rescue which is a nice gesture.

Sex Appeal cut a promo. Bobby Shields talked about Aaron Draven ducking him because Draven wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle. Bobby Beverly then grabbed the mic and said that he’s going to take out Gregory Iron because he took away his appeal at Wrestlelution 2. Dawn Decadence closed the promo by saying “The PWO’s future is looking really sexy.”

Analysis: Dawn was best on the mic both opening and closing the group promo. Shields stumbled a number of timesso his rant against Draven came across poorly. Beverly did a better job but didn’t have quite enough fire.

Matthew Justice took on “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. The announcers noted it was unusual since both were fan favorites. Maguire noted that Cross needed to develop a mean streak to get another chance at the PWO Heavyweight Title match. Cross was the first to take control in the match with a spring board elbow and some kicks while pinningJustice in the corner.  Cross went for a moonsault, Justice moved, Cross landed on his feet but Justice still caught him with a kick to the gut to turn the tide. Justice hit a nice leg lariat.  Cross got a two count off a ross body.  Justice went for charging into the corner but Cross caught him with a boot to the face. Justice got a nice spring board clothesline in after snapping Cross’ neck off the top rope.   Cross got a two count off a top rope stomp to the back. Cross planted Justice with a bicycle kick. He then went up top and executed a nice shooting star press for the win.

Analysis: Another slow start to a match. These guys had a good bout but both of them could have been smoother and they didn’t pull otu all of their arsenal which is understandable. Justice annoyed me by calling out almost every move. Doing it for a finisher or something like The People’s Elbow is fine.

The Rock Show was introduced by Earnie Ballz and Brian Bender. They had the PWO Tag Team Titles in the background. They said they were going to show why they are the best tag team in wrestling.

Analysis: To the point, but a little too short for my liking. they just got crowned PWO Tag Team Champs so they should be gien a little more time to brag about their accomplishment especially since that’s what heel’s do. The belts could look better.

Joe Dobrowski interviewed Johnny Gargano.  He asked him to elaborate on the match. Gargano said it was four years of pent up anger unleashed in 28 minutes. Dombrowski said it took such a toll on Prohibition that he retired. Gargano said that Prohibition threw away their friendship for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Gargano said that he will make Pro Wrestling Ohio proud that he is their champion. He said he will take on all comers for the Title. Gargano said that he knows who the enemies are and he will entertain everyone and not just himself. Dombrowski said that Gargano will defend  his Title in two weeks against Mike Tolar, who then interuppted the interview. Tolar siad he was never anyone’s lackey and a great athelete. Gargano said he’d never had a problem with him until now because he interrupted his interview. Tolar said Gargano better not speak to him or Ben Fruth that way which is when my DVR cut off the show.

Analysis: I liked that they’ve turned Gargano serious because his slap stick attitude as aheel was not god at all. Tolar is a ood opponent for him to start his title reign on since Tolar beat the first champion, Matt Cros, at Wrestlelution 2. Gargano did throw in a joke or two running down Tolar which reminded me  of Cena’s unnecessary gay jokes but he’s finding his sea legs as a face so I won’t bust his chops too much.

Overall Analysis: Fontaine vs. Mattson -1, Facade promo 0, Perez vs. Hatred +1, Sex Appeal promo 0, Justice vs. Cross +1, The Rock Show promo 0, Gargano & Tolar promo +2. Total 3/7.

I did like the addition of Maguire to the booth because it gives a heel voice to the show. He does need to work more with Domborwski so that they can get more in synch. Considering the juggling of partners on our podcasts, I know the feeling of getting a vibe with other people. Give it time, it should get better. – Kevin

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