Bret Hart Back In WWE

Now I have been running a fever for three days and the left side of my head feels like a zit waiting to be popped so take this piece of news lightly. According to, Bret Hart has signed a tgalent contract with WWE. You know; the same Bret Hart that said he would never work for Vince McMahon again. Well, much like every other wrestler Bret Hart was full of shit and will be back on WWE TV in some sort of capacity.

No word yet as to what role he will play but it is safe to assume he’ll be the guest host the same night TNA makes their suicide move by airing the same night and time. Is that January 4th? Hell, I don’t know what day today is. Have I missed Christmas? I hope not.  Seeing the look in everyone’s eyes as they slowly realize I was not kidding when I told them I had no money to buy presents this year is too good to miss. -Jeremy

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