Ring of Honor gets something right, plans to create TV Title

TV Title

Get it? Because it's a title, and it's a little TV...

According to Prowrestling.net, Jim Cornette has announced via video that Ring of Honor will debut its newest championship, the ROH TV Title, by crowning a champion via tournament, to begin during the Feb. 5 and 6 TV tapings. You may not believe this, but Dusty and I talk about wrestling all the time, even when we aren’t recording the Stunt Granny Audio, and the brilliance of the gimmick of the NWA/WCW TV Title comes up a lot. The 10- or 15-minute time limits were great tools to keep heels over and keep belts on them without having them be pinned or do the pinning themselves. A TV Title can be a good proving ground to help determine if someone is worth being a belt-holder. And even better, ROH has a TV show, so the TV champion can defend his belt there but not at house shows (and could even lose to potential challengers), while the ROH World Title can remain the headlining match at arena events. A good move by a stale company. -Eric

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