The Art of Wrestling – Support The Troops

I can't wait for DX to drive one out at Wrestlemania!

While looking at both Bret Hart’s shirt and Hulk Hogan’s shirts, I noticed that the WWE was hard at work pumping out some new shirts while TNA didn’t come up with anything new. I’m shocked at this development. Since DX has been the focus of much programming, I’m going to take a look at the Degeneration X Army Strong t-shirt.

I’ll start with the back of the shirt to get the side with no graphics done first. It’s just “DX” in a pentagon with “Army” and a single stripe below it. I found it mildly amusing that it seems more like navy insignias which have a square top. The army insignias have the stripe pointing up and they have a rounded bottom. The normally crack WWE staff let this detail slip through the cracks.

On the front of the shirt, we have the bulk of the design. HHH is on the right who has a solid representation of himself. The tape on the hands, the DX Army cap, the elbow pads and the trunks are spot on. The knee pads touching the boots is a bit of a mistake since there’s a gap. Look at the last picture of this photo set for evidence. The other minor mistake I see if how dark HHH’s beard is.

In the middle, we have every adult’s favorite kickable (TM to Gregg “Opie” Hughes since I have no idea what to call a person of that stature) Hornswoggle. His caricature is dead on from the Army helmet with the logo, to the three piece leprachaun suit and even the sneakers that he wears. The smile and the beard are quite well done too.

On the left hand side of the shirt is Shawn Michaels. He has on his cowboy hat, wrist bands and chaps. I would have liked to see them do the chaps in camouflage since the theme of the shirt is “Army Strong”. Michaels is even wearing camouflage on them in the ring. See the link above in HHH’s paragraph for photographic evidence. His beard looks a little more burly than the fuzz that Shawn normally sports.

I do like the fact that the caricatures are in relative size. Hornswoggle is obviously the smallest. Michaels is smaller than HHH which is something that normally gets skipped over in this type of art. Guys get to be the same size of muscle bound. See my WWE Comic Book review for this phenomenon.

I may not find the level of amusement in DX that the majority of the WWE crowd does but it’s not hard to understand sticking three of the company’s most popular figures onto one shirt would make it sell like hotcakes. – Kevin

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