PWO – Season 3 – Episode 5

Two Belts were on the line in this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the card which involved Aaron Draven versus M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross for the TV Title and Johnny Gargano versus Mike Tolar for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombowski introduced Aaron Maguire but the camera forgot to show him. Maguire was sharp enough to make up for the camera gaffe by sliding into the picture even though he was nearly sitting on Dombrowski’s lap.

Bobby Beverly came to the ring with Dawn Decadence to take on Hobo Joe. Beverly upgraded his look by adding the douchebag faux hawk. Beverly extended his hand for a shake but Joe spit in his face. Joe  took over after an even opening couple of minutes. Beverly took a break on the outside. Joe threw him into the guard rail. Beverly hit a drop toe hold to make Joe go face first into the guard rail.  Beverly got a two count after a fireman’s carry driver that was sloppy. Beverly got another two count after a flying forearm.  Joe hit a pair of should blocks to knock Beverly to the outside again. Beverly hit a good looking fisherman’s buster but still only got a two count. Beverly turned a urinogi into a back breaker for the victory. Beverly brought a chair into the ring to curb stomp Joe but Gregory Iron made the save.

Analysis: The outcome was it it should be but was a poorly executed match on both participants parts.

The Rock Show was introduced by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender. He said that PWO management told them they needed to defend their titles against Luis & Isaac Montana. Bender made a great point by saying it took them two years to get a title shot in PWO. He went on to say that they have a strategy ready for the upcoming match.

Analysis: Ballz was too busy being cutesy and cracking bad jokes about Isaac Montana being related to Joe Montana. Bender brought the serious though so it worked out in the end.

The new backstage interviewer Vic Travagliante was joined by Noj “The Wild Samoan” but not Marion Fontaine because he was upset with Noj. Noj said he doesn’t know much English. He said Fontaine was upset because he got ambushed by Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson. Noj said he was helping his people after a tsunami in Samoa so he couldn’t be there. Noj doesn’t want the friendship to be over because of how much Fontaine taught him.

Analysis: He knew an awful lot of English for not knowing much. It was a good subdued promo. Fontaine’s side of the problem seems ridiculous to be upset about.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring to take on “Omega” Aaron Draven for the PWO TV Title. Dombrowski wondered how Draven was feeling after the curb stomp from Bobby Beverly last week. Maguire groaned at the hand shake between the combatants.  They had some solid exchanges showing off both of their speed and agility.  Cross caught Draven charging into the corner with a hip toss into the turnbuckles. Maguire & Dombrowski sent condolences to Umaga’s family after saying that Cross participated in Hogan’s tour of Australia. Draven hit a spring board tornado DDT.  Cross caught Draven charging into a corner again with a back elbow and a spring board cross body. He couldn’t capitalize though.  Cross hit some forearms and clothelines . Cross got a two count from a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.  Cross hit a stomp off the top rope on Draven’s back.  A masked man distracted Cross. The masked man then snapped Cross’ neck across the top rope.  Draven hit the flux capacitor for the win.

Analysis: Solid match and a good way to give Draven a marquee win without Cross losing clean. I’m not a fan of both title holders wearing the belt around the neck and shoulder. I think these two have potential for a better match.

Bobby Shields was in the back for a promo with Dawn Decadence by his side.  He complained that Draven was faking an injury. He said he should have had his match months ago. They are going to take legal action if PWO doesn’t rectify the problem.

Analysis: The first part of the complaint was fine but the legal part makes me want to puke. The WWE  did it poorly and I don’t expect much different if they continue to pursue this angle. Beverly needed a little more fire because he didn’t seem genuinely upset about losing his match against Draven for the PWO TV Title.

Johnny Gargano started his promo but hoping it wasn’t interrupted this week. Benjamin Boone then came into the picture. Boone said he wanted Gargano’s title. N8 Mattson & Boone want to start a Michigan dynasty in PWO. Gargano asked what happened. He then questioned why he’s named the Big Bear and made some bad jokes about bears that included teddy grahams, Winnie the Pooh and more. Gargano then talked about taking on Mike Tolar. He said Tolar didn’t need Fruth and that they should fight like men, one on one.

Analysis: The beginning of the promo was kind of rough but having multiple people gun for the PWO Title isn’t a bad thing. After the bad jokes, Gargano turned it on and made a strong closing argument about his match that was on next.

Mike Tolar came to the ring without Ben Fruth when they cut to commercial.  Mike Tolar was going to have Pedro DeLucca reintroduce him when he grabbed the microphone. Tolar introduced the wrestling coach from Lincoln West High School and ran him down. Benjamin Boone was announcing with Joe Dombrowski and said he wants a shot at whoever wins this match. Gargano took his sweet time getting into the ring after going through the crowd. Gargano almost got a three count with a quick small package. Gargano took Tolar down with a waistlock and got him into a rolling pin that was similar to a crucifix.  Tolar dropped Gargano onto the top turnbuckle. Tolar dropkicked Gargano then applied a rear chinlock. Dombrowski hyped next week’s card while the another resthold was applied. Gargano turned it around with some elbows into the stomach and a side suplex. Tolar missed a charge into the corner and hit the ring post.  Gargano hit a flying foremen then a Lou Thesz press.  Gargano got a two count off a top rope cross body block. Gargano superkicked the referee when Tolar pulled him in front of himself.  Tolar hit a Roll of the Dice but no one was there to count.  The masked man appeared again. He tried to get a cheap shot in Gargano but hit Tolar. Gargano rolled up Tolar just when the referee awoke and got the three count. The masked man came into the ring and hit Gargano with a chair. He took off the mask and it was revealed as Jimmy DeMarco. He continued to assault Gargano.

Analysis: I hope the shots by Tolar against the wrestling coach leads to something because if not, it was a waste of time that could have given this match more time. It was a good match with an ending that won’t damage Tolar too much since he can blame the loss on Gargano for kicking the referee and DeMarco for hitting him. DeMarco came back from an extended absence and helps to beef up the roster. He’s immediately put into the PWO title picture and will surely be booed after assaulting Gargano.

Final Analysis: Beverly vs. Hobo Joe -1, The Rock Show +1, Noj interview +1, Cross vs. Draven +1, Beverly promo 0, Gargano/Boone promo +1, Tolar vs. Gargano +2. Total: 5/7. The ending really helped the overall show out.

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