PWO – Season 3 – Episode 6

There was an "I" in team but for which team in the PWO Tag Team Title hunt?

They showed the end of last weeks show. Jimmy DeMarco then came on with a caption that the promo was from last week. He said he was out trying to find fulfilment. He said he attacked Johnny Gargano because he’s the best in Pro Wrestling Ohio. DeMarco said the fans succeed through him. Gargano will not help him find his inner good guy. DeMarco is going to make Cross and Gargano play by his rules. He said the thing that will be his fulfilment will be taking the PWO Heavyweight Title from Gargano.

Analysis: The promo was a little meandering but it was well done. It was great to start the show off on a different foot rather than going straight into the theme song and introduction.

Joe Domborwski said that Aaron Maguire would join him soon. He also mentioned that the PWO Tag Team Titles will be on the line later tonight. Nicky Valentino came out with Dawn Decadence, who towered over him because of her heels. Gregory Iron was Valentino’s opponent. Iron punched Valentino while he was posing. Iron then hit a suicide dive through the middle ropes. Valentino reversed an irish whip and threw Iron into the ring post.  Valentino continued to wrap Iron’s good arm around the post. He targeted the arm more after they got back into the ring. Valentino came up empty on a frog splash. Iron winced in pain when he clotheslined Valentino.  Dawn Decadence distracted the referee to allow Valentino to get in a low blow but Hobo Joe came out and used the distraction to punch Valentino with a boxing glove on a pole. Iron hit Handicapped Parking (aka Downward Spiral) for the win.

Analysis: The match was solid but I wasn’t a fan of the boxing glove on a pole. Joe just should have punched Valentino. Iron helped Joe out the week before so he was repaying a favor. Dawn needs to wear low shoes when she comes to the ring with Valentino. She was smart enough to wear a different outfit with each wrestler from Sex Appeal te last three weeks, so not thinking of the shoes was an oversight.

Krimson said he spent the last ten years in wrestling and he noticed how it can eat you alive. The rest of his family went on to get the white picket fence, family and a dog but he has nothing to show for his efforts. He said he is going to unleash his madness on PWO.

Analysis: Good promo that was short and to the point. I liked the continued use of the black & white camera.

Aaron Draven introduced himself and said that his eyes are darting around because of how many challengers are coming at him. He challenged N8 Mattson because he’s a fighting champion. Draven said he’s upset about what they did to Virus. He said he will steal a win from Mattson because he’ll do whatever he needs to do to win.

Analysis: Draven didn’t have enough emotion in his promo. He also shouldn’t be ready to steal a win. You can be humble as a babyface but he needs to expect to win.

Ben Fruth came to the ring to wrestle Noj “The Wild Samoan”. Dombrowski and Maguire recounted the story of a rift between Noj and Marion Fontaine.  Fruth tried to use his quickness to hurt Noj but didn’t have any luck. Noj used his size and power to dominate early. Fruth went for sunset flip but Noj sat on him. After a Samoan drop, Noj sat on Fruth again for the three count.

Analysis: That wasn’t much of a match but helped to mention both storylines for Fruth (Mike Tolar had given him an open contract the previous week) and Noj’s distancing from Fontaine.

Jason Bane  said everyone is looking at him sideways because of the bounty put on his head by Aaron Maguire. He said it is motivating him to be in the best shape of his life. Bane said anyone should bring it.

Analysis: Great promo that is backed up by the fact that he indeed looks to be in the best shape since Pro Wrestling Ohio started.

Vic Travagliante was backstage with “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Vic asked how it was being on the Hogan tour in Australia. Cross said how awesome it and that he got to do a lot of outdoor activities. Cross talked about how it was still messing with his head about how Umaga died. Cross complimented Umaga about how nice he was. Cross said that his goal is to win the PWO Heavyweight Title but he was still disappointed about not winning the TV Title. Cross said that he’ll go through Jimmy DeMarco to get to the Heavyweight Title.

Analysis: Another great promo that really could have used a little more time with how much was involved in the questioning.  Cross deserves to be in a title hunt but with two babyface champions, it makes it odd.

The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, Isaac Montana & Luis Diamante, came to the ring to challenge The Rock Show, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, for the PWO Tag Team Titles. They grabbed a mic and talked in Spanish. The other guy said that the Clash may have injured some legends, but they are going to play by their rules. They’re going to get to you, before you get to them. Earnie Ballz came out on crutches as they cut to commercial.

After the break, Ballz was on the mic and said that he injured himself last month in Detroit.Ballz said that if one of them can beat Brian Bender, they can have their title shot. Pedro DeLucca informed The Clash that they’d be stripped of the titles and fired if they didn’t defend their titles according to the board of directors of Pro Wrestling Ohio. Bobby Shields and Bobby Beverly came out. Shields said he should be the TV Title Champion. Beverly said that so they didn’t sue PWO, they were granted another title shot.

Bender started that match against the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew who hit him with a couple of double team moves. Bender hit Isaac Montana with a crutch but only got a two count. Bender tagged in Shields who quickly tagged in Beverly. They continued beating down Montana. Bender tagged himself in and the beat down was till going on. Montana hit a jaw jacker but Bender fell into Sex Appeal’s corner and Shields tagged in.   Shields and Montana had a train wreck with matching cross bodies. Montana didn’t get the tag but hit a mule kick on Bender to finally get the hot tag. Diamante came in and cleaned house. Bender hit a urinogi on Diamante. Beverly tagged himself in when Diamante rolled into their corner. He rolled up Bender and grabbed the tights for Sex Appeal to capture the PWO Tag Team Titles.

Analysis: At times, this match was a real cluster fuck, but I like the outcome. Having the babyface team, the PRWC, chase Sex Appeal will work out nicely especially since it probably would have happened with The Clash had it not been for Ballz’ injury. Montana took a real beating and the heel teams only turned on each other when pins were involved which was a good way to do things.

Final Analysis: DeMarco promo +1, Iron vs. Valentino +1, Krimson promo +1, Draven promo -1, Noj vs. Fruth 0, Bane promo +1, Cross promo +1, PRWC vs. Sex Appeal vs. The Clash +1. Total: 5/8. It was a good episode that mixed things up and included an extra segment. It still didn’t feel rushed though like TNA.

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