PWO – Season 3 – Episode 11

At least these bears were color coordinated.

The Tag Team Championships were on the line to start the show. The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew came to the ring with the “ambassador” to Puerto Rico to take on Bobby Beverly & Nicky Valentino without Dawn Decadence. Beverly started out against Luis Diamante. The announcers filled it some history on both teams while the action was slow to start the match. They failed to mention Diamante’s name until the match was three minutes old. The pace picked up when Isaac Montana and Valentino tagged in. Valentino got in the upper hand so he started tagging in and out with Beverly so they could beat down Montana. Valentino trashed talked the crowd and got caught coming off the top rope with a boot to the face. Diamante received the hot tag. He cleaned house until Beverly caught him with a back breaker. Beverly & Valentino hit a double thrust kick for the three count.

Analysis: Solid match. The hot tag didn’t last very long but it was a logical match with the baby face beat down. They are building up a rivalry between Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron with Sex Appeal so they need to retain the belts. The announcing was the usual banter of the heel announcer, Aaron Maguire, having a problem with the foreign born baby faces and supporting the heel team. Score: +1

Brian Bender admitted that things haven’t gone as well  as he intended them to go. He said his problem started with the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew took out his partner. He said his revenge will start next week when he takes on Isaac Montana.

Analysis: Short, sweet and to the point. Solid again and another reason to have the P.R.W.C. take the loss in the previous match. Score: +1

Eric Ryan & Corey Winters were on the phone with someone. Winters said that they can redeem themselves against Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron. They said they would avenge their loss so that they can win the Tag Team Title Belts later.

Analysis: The fake phone call didn’t last long so it wasn’t bad. Ryan looked too amped for a heel. He was upset about washing the filth off but it just didn’t seem right because he seemed like he downed a bunch of Red Bulls before the promo. Score: 0

Ryan & Winters took on Hobo Joe & Iron directly after the promo. Iron started against Winters. Winters got in the early knock downs but Iron took over with and arm drag and arm bar.  Iron & Joe double teamed Winters who rolled out of the ring. Ryan came in for the save but got double teamed until he bailed out of the ring also. Ryan & Winters regrouped at ringside. Ryan tagged in. Joe gave him some weak looking karate chops. Ryan hit a nice compact suplex with the leg figure foured. Winters tagged in and continued the attack on Joe. Ryan missed a second rope leg drop. Winters got the tag before Joe could get to his corner. Joe rolled out of the way of a double team attempt and tagged in Iron.  Joe took out himself and Ryan out over the top rope with a clothesline. Winters rolled up Iron while having a foot on the ropes for leverage.

Analysis: Iron had a handicapped sign clothes pinned on the back of his jacket which looked really bad when he came to the ring. A better tag match than the opener. It gives Joe & Iron something to work on and gives Ryan & Winters some credibility even if they cheated to win. Score: +1

Ben Fruth came to the ring to take on Benjamin Boone. Boone yelled at the crowd yammering about how great Michigan is. Boone gave Fruth a free shot but overwhelmed Fruth with his power. Boone gave Fruth a fall away slam and pulled him up after a two count. Fruth almost got the win with the “Fruth Roll up”. Boone then hit a spear Boone slapped on a bear hug then hit a modified DDT from that position for the win.

Analysis: Boone came to the ring wearing a Michigan jacket yet his tights were black & gold. Hey knucklehead, when you combine black & gold and a bear motif you’re evoking the Boston Bruins. Make your tights maize & blue if you’re going to continue this dumb gimmick. The squash nature of the match was to be expected. Maguire over sold the spear by sounding like Joey Styles calling for a “CATFIGHT!!!”. Nice finisher though that both announcers used to say that Boone is improving his craft. Score: +1

Krimson popped on the screen in the usual black & white camera filter. He told Fruth made a big mistake because your career always ends poorly. Krimson said he isn’t interested in titles or wins or loses. He’s just interested in destroying people.

Analysis: Always weird to me not to care about wins or loses. Why would the company continue to book you just to hurt their other wrestlers? I wouldn’t. His delivery is good and continue to like the difference in his promos with the black & white filter. Score: 0

They reran “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine turning heel when Noj the Wild Samoan didn’t show up for the tag match against Sex Appeal.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade took on Johnny Gargano in a non-Title match. The announcers talked about the number of challengers Gargano has for his belt and wonder whether he’ll crack under the pressure and if he’s spread himself too thin. The match started slowly with an exchange of some holds and minor moves. The pace picked up on the next exchange but no one took control. Gargano hit a low jaw breaker after a drop from a fireman’s carry. Facade it a head scissors then a leg lariat. Gargano hit a neck breaker. Facade got a two count after an asai moonsault from the second rope. They exchanged stiff kicks. Facade got a two count after a heel kick.Facade got caught going for a spring board moonsault with Garano’s knees being pulled up. Gargano then hit “Uniquely You” for the victory.

Analysis: Good match but I continue to wonder why Facade loses when he’s on PWO TV. He’s a good wrestler that they don’t seem to have much for. He’d be great in the TV Title picture. Score: +1

Eric Ryan offered Jason Bane a great job in Rio De Janeiro for seven figures. Winter tried to attack Bane from behind but fled when Bane noticed him. Bane then beat up Ryan. He looked into the camera and told Maguire to keep them coming because he’s starting to…and my DVR cuts out. I’d imagine he said he’s starting to enjoy it.

Analysis: A bit of a come down from the match we just witnessed but it was a solid segment. Ryan & Winters were trying to creatively get Bane out of PWO but didn’t sell it well. They needed more details about the job to sound convincing. Score: 0

Final Analysis: Score: 5/8. The show didn’t have any big positive segments but it moved along well enough. No more CWE segments was good. I liked Ryan & Winters bigger involvement and hope they get more air time. The tag division seemed to be a focus of the show which is weird for wrestling these days but it was well done. Gargano continues to be a fighting champion not just in words but deeds which is great since he’s their best wrestler.

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