WrestleMania 26 Preview #5- John Cena vs. Batista

Crave it fat chicks.

The audios keep on coming as Kevin and Jeremy discuss the WWE Title match between Big Dave and Little John. Batista has steppes it up recently but does his new found awesomeness mean a win or do the pre-teens get to go home happy that John Cena takes home the title? What can make this match stand out from the rest of a stacked card and does either man have what it takes to pull it off? Find out after the interweb finishes sending little bits of data to your computer.

WrestleMania 26 Preview Audio #5- Batista vs John Cena

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  1. tatanka 2010-03-31 at 7:14 pm #

    batista me pela la verga junto con todos los demas

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