Awesome Kong To WWE?

Smothering fools like whoa.

So apparently Awesome Kong has been playing Twitter-tag with Steve Austin and Jim Ross recently, and they seem to have offered her a full blown endorsement. Now, I would take that with a tremendous grain of salt considering neither one is technically *in* WWE at this point, in any actual way. But they are big name dudes, so it def means something. (It means that if Jim Ross and Steve Austin start their own wrestling promotion, they would for sure hire Awesome Kong.)

Common sense dictates that this is the right thing to do anyway, and it would appear that there is a spot open for Kong now that Mickie James has gone off to record her album/beg TNA for work. So a tenuous, tenacious, pteradactyl thumbs up from me. – Dusty

3 Responses to “Awesome Kong To WWE?”

  1. Awesome Dude 2010-04-25 at 7:16 am #

    Kong is too fat, black, and angry for WWE. If she was a big titty blonde who weigh 110 pounds and never heard of or done wrestling, she stand a chance.

  2. Lynn Angela Pisco 2010-05-05 at 8:27 pm #

    Things are about to change once Awesome Kong arrives at Monday night’s or perhaps maybe Saturday night’s Raw and Smack Down is concerned, the women’s division would be a lot different than it seems obviously and yes there will be higher ratings for these networks as well as fans would see something that’s totally different than she was involved with another wrestling organization which is being a current TNA Knock Out Champion too. Also as far as I’m concerned, since Vicki Guerrero and her crew is going to do a lot of ” trash talking ” inside the ring for Saturday night’s Smack Down , discussing about issues involving another woman who would dared take a challenge against Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly but wait a minute hold on what’s going on here , why is it both of them are on the video screen perhaps maybe they got something else in mind instead hoping to settle some situations involving us pur say . Hey Vicki ( Beth Phoenix ) : I’ve notice that you got something to say about how you are planning to ask somebody else to take a challenge against me ? Vicki : oh yes I did why ? Beth : it seems most likely it’s not going to happen this time obviously do you know why Vicki ? Vicki : what are you talking about ? Kelly : it seems like we got a better way to ask this woman who would be interesting to join us instead of you and she would do anything to challenge each and every single one of you instead how about that ? All of a sudden the lights from the entire arena began to get totally darken and soon you will hear Awesome Kong’s music enterance , while she walks very slowly towards the ring starring at each one of these ladies including Michelle McCool and Vicki Guerrero not knowing exactly what to do at this point until she enters standing behind both of them once they turned their heads , oh my god look who’s here . They began being totally afraid , Awesome Kong began to delivered her amazing Face Buster and Awesome Bomb while sending an important message onto both them wondering what’s going on around here and why perhaps ? Beth Phoenix says to Vicki : say hello to our friend Awesome Kong who will become our special endforcer for Smack Down .

  3. Lynn Angela Pisco 2010-05-16 at 1:23 am #

    By the time August 15, 2010 comes along it will be none other than ” W.W.E.’S SummerSlam ” live pay per view event . All who face Awesome Kong in this very ring shall become your last chance if you wanted to survive at your own risk while preparing yourself make sure your life and career depends on it or else you will never know you might be ended up as a victim on Awesome Kong’s hit list . Both Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool must do the same or else Vicki Guerrero even though she’s doing all of the talking inside the ring better make sure she’s save at least cause you don’t want her to get hurt as well .

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