PWO – Season 3 – Episode 15

I'm pretty sure Anna Kournikova is still the hottest tennis player that will get us extra hits even though she hasn't played in nearly a decade. Find out why I reference her after the jump.


Two random guys started talking about some story. They said they’re in the PWO to improve their skills. Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, Aerofrom, are ready to splash. Analysis: That was a weird way to introduce them. They were on PWO TV during one of the CWE matches. Always like the change of starting with a promo instead of going straight into a match. Score: 0.
Louis Linden took on Brian Bender in the first match.  During the slow start to the match, the announcers talked about the main event of Gregory Iron versus Johnny Gargano.Bender used his size and power advantage to get on top early.Bender ht a nice looking double underhook suplex but only got a two count. Maguire told him that he had to fire Mr. Brinks. Linden turned things around with a head sciccors.Linden got a two count after a missile drop kick. Bender went for a small package, but Linden turned it around and got the three count.
Analysis:It was an OK match. Linden didn’t get to sh off to much of his offense since Bender dominated most  it. They’re continuing Bender’s losing streak since The Clash had to split up because of an injury to Earnie Ballz. Score: 0.
N8 Mattson, with Benjamn Boone, said he wants to add someone to the Sons of Michigan. Mattson then introduced Ben Fruth as Boone’s little brother.  Fruth said it was “good” that he was a Son of Michigan. Fruth was worried about finding Mike Tolar (and even had a shirt on that said “Have You Seen Me?” with a picture of Mike Tolar.) Mattson & Boone told him to stop worrying about Tolar because he’s a Son of Michigan now and they stormed off.
Analysis: Fruth works well as a lackey and considering that Tolar has been off PWO TV for some time, you may as well get some use of Fruth. Score: +1.
Super Hentai said he hasn’t been around in a while, but he should be familiar to most PWO viewers. He said he was recovering from a hernia injury and waited until he was 100% because the matches are so fierce one needs to be 100%. Tonight he starts his climb up the PWO ladder again when he takes on Corey Winters. Hentai said he’s going to take him to the wood shed.
Analysis: It was a good promo that put over the toughness of the promotion but he was lacking a little bit of fire to kick it up to another level. Score: +1.
Corey Winters came to the ring escorted by Earnie Ballz. Dombrowski noted that he hadn’t been on TV since he was attacked by the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew. Maguire was offended that Ballz didn’t returned his calls. Super Hentai let Winters go in a corner, but Winters popped Hentai when he cornered Hentai. Winters controlled the match with some kicks and a good looking suplex. Winters got a two count after a clothesline. A double clothesline lead to Hentai taking control. Hentai hit another clotheslines and a running double chop. Hentai splashed Winters from the top rope but only got a two count.  Hentai missed a charge into the corner.  Winters& Ballz had a tactical discussion which allowed Hentai to recover. Hentai super-fisherman suplex Winters for the win.
Analysis: Both men seemed a bit off in the ring. I don’t like Winters losing with a new manager in tow ut you can’t have a returning superstar lose either. It would have been nicer to find different opponents for both men to get victories on. Score: -1.
Jason Bane said that next week the PWO Title Tournament starts. He’s only got to prepare for 7 men because on a weekly basis, he’s got to worry about all of the PWO locker room because of the bounty on his head so preparing for 7 men will be easy. Bane said he will trample on anyone to get his title shot.
Analysis: Solid promo that ties in both of his storylines. Score:+1.
Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields came to the ring with Dawn Decadence in her best Anna Kournikova like tennis outfit.Michael “The Bomber” Facade & Matthew Justice came to the ring for the Tag Team Title match. Facade started out against Shields.  After a back and forth start, Facade took over with a satellite head scissors.  Facade got in a nice leg lariat. Shields pushed Facade into his corner and tagged in Beverly.  Facade kicked Beverly then tossed him into his corner. Facade tagged in Justice. They double hip tossed Beverly then got in a leg drop and senton. Facade tagged back in . Decadence distracted the referee which allowed Beverly to missile drop kick Facade. Beverly & Shields took turns beating on Facade. Facade hit a reverse DDT to make the hot tag to Justice. Justice spring board clotheslined Shields coming into the ring. Justice DVDed Shields and only got a two count. Shields hit a jaw breaker and tagged in Beverly. Facade tried to help out Justice but hit him instead. Shields & Beverly hit the double thrust kick for the victory.
Analysis: Good tag team match. I just hope the miscue by Facade doesn’t lead to a Vince Russo-esque break up of a team that has barely gotten together. Score: +1.
Bobby Beverly is ready to take on Jason Bane. He said he took Johny Gargano to the limit. Beverly said he knows he’s sexier than Gargano already. He said if it weren’t for Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe, he’d be the PWO champion. Beverly said he’s going to work his way through the tournament and challenge the winner of tonight’s match between Gregory Iron and Johnny Gargano.
Analysis: He had a pause in the middle of the promo that made it feel like he forgot the tail end of it. It was a good delivery and he’s starting to have a better look. Score: +1.
Gregory Iron came to the ring first with the champion Johnny Gargano coming second. It gave the announcers time to remind every one of the history between the two competitors that started back in Pro Wrestling Ohio’s first season. Iron turned down Gargano’s handshake to start the match. Iron got in a head scissors then a second one off the top rope. Iron caught Gargano charging in and tossed him outside the ring. Gargano punched Iron in the stomach after he leaped off the ring apron. Gargano sling shot speared Iron coming back into the ring. Gargano wheel kicked Iron. Iron hit an arm r take down to change the momentum. Iron then got in a face buster with one leg. Iron got a nar fall from a sunset flip. Gargano caught Iron charging in with a belly to belly suplex.  double clothesline gave both contestantsa breather. Bobby Beverly tried to hit Iron with a chair but Gargano stopped him. Gargano looked like he might use the chair on Iron himself but he tossed it down. Beverly recovered and attacked Gargano from behind. Sex Appeal came to ringside and beat down both of them. Gargano grabbed the mic after being announced the winner and he said he didn’t want the match to end that way. The referee restarted the match. Both men went for their finishers but both were blocked. Gargano threw Iron into the ropes and then locked on Uniquely You for the victory. Gargano offered Iron his hand again. Iron almost left the ring but came back in and shook Gargano’s hand.
Analysis: The match highlighted the newly changed attitude of Johnny Gargano.Gargano got the handshake he was looking for and all is well now.  It was a good match, well executed by both men. Score: +2.
My DVR was cut out just as Marion Fontaine was on the floor laid out and people were checking on him to see if he was OK. Analysis: I’m not sure why this was on at this point. You just concluded a PWO Title match and one of your longest running storylines. It makes two times that a heel was attacked in the back with no answer as to who it is so something is in the works but for timing. Score: -1.
Final Score: 5/9. Final Analysis: They started a different way but it wasn’t a good different. The additions, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick, to the roster may be good though from what I saw in their CWE match. The timing of the ending didn’t help but it is another continuation of a storyline so I’m not going to bag on that portion of the skit. They hyped the PWO Title Tournament which starts next week so as to keep the viewers hooked for the next couple of weeks. – Kevin

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