PWO – Season 3 – Episode 17

I wonder if wrestling would ever use a drafting desk for a tables match.

Joe Dombrowski introduced the show and hyped the matches for the night. They showed the announce booth with Aaron Maguire sitting in the back ground who looked perturbed because Johnny Gargano was taking his spot at color. He was in the booth because it was a qualifying match for the Number One Contendership Tournament. The match was “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Gargano gave his review of both wrestlers, giving them accolades. He did note he hasn’t had the time to grant Cross a title opportunity.
Cross snapped off some arm drags and pinned Fontaine in the corner. Cross hit a nice snap suplex. Dombrowski noted that Fontaine and Bobby Beverly have been attacked from behind. Gargano said that he could be the next target. Fontaine turned the match around by dropping Cross throat first over the top rope. Fontaine knocked Cross down and dropped an elbow on him. Fontaine clotheslined Cross and only got a two count after a pin. Gargano & Dombrowski combined to explain that Fontaine got his title shot a month ago by beating Cross. “M-Dogg” caught Fontaine with a bicycle kick. Cross hit a standing moonsault. Fontaine only got a two count after a death valley driver. Fontaine tried to super-plex Cross but he got knocked off the top rope. Cross played to the crowd and executed a shooting star press for the victory.
Analysis: Dombrowski & Gargano tried to cover for Fontaine by saying he trained “Lean” and has great cardio. I train that way too and I have more muscle than Fontaine even though I sit in an office all day long. Fontaine was sporting some new tights which is good considering he has a new persona. Both men were strong in the match which got overshadowed by the number of storylines Dombrowski & Gargano talked about even if they all applied to the match. Score: +1.
They showed the replay of Jason Bane beating Bobby Beverly the week before in the Number One Contender’s Tournament As much as I picked on ROH last Monday, I’d be a real homer if I didn’t mention the fact that this replay went a little long. But it’s only replay #1.
Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron were doing exercises in trust. Iron wanted Joe to fall into his arms from a riser. Joe expressed that he was a little worried. Iron caught Joe. Iron said that was the first step in taking the Tag Team Titles from Sex Appeal.
Analysis: Ugh. Score: -1.
They replayed the match between Flip Kendrick and Brain Bender from the week before. Seriously, PWO? You’re doing this a long time before I made fun of ROH (I taped it on 4/18) but my timing is kind of suspect.
Earnie Ballz brought back “The Rock Show”. He had a nice little graphic in the lower left hand corner which is better than before. He said that he was going to make Corey Winters & Eric Ryan at least as good as Team Clash. Brian Bender came in and asked why Ballz was taking any of the credit for making their team good. Ballz said that he should take his anger out on people in the ring. Bender said that he likes it being a singles competitor and said we’ll see who makes a better career choice.
Analysis: Considering both have been failures at their current jobs, this promo seemed odd. Ballz not pumping up his own team is inexcusable, even if Winters & Ryan have lost both matches he has managed them in. Score: -1.
Benjamin Boone took on Hobo Joe in a Tournament Match. Boone made the referee take off his Michigan jacket. Joe used the jacket to clean himself which upset Boone. Joe threw the jacket over Boone to get in some early offense. Boone turned things around quickly with his size and power advantage. Maguire wondered why N8 Mattson would add Ben Fruth to the Sons of Michigan. Boone hit a running palm thrust. Joe hit some karate chops. Joe then executed the Pit Stop in the corner. Boone caught Joe coming off the ropes with a bear hug. Boone then turned it into a Bear Trap DDT. Boone was attacking Joe after the match when Iron came in for the save. “Omega” Aaron Draven came in and drop kicked Boone from the top rope to run him out of the ring.
Analysis: Solid match with the announcers sorting out the storylines again mentioning Boone’s chances of winning the Tournament and Joe & Iron’s feud with Sex Appeal. Draven coming in for the final part of the save was good since he is coming after the TV Title and is in the #1 Contender’s Match for said belt. Score: +1.
Luis Diamante, without Isaac Montana who was out due to a family issue, took on Krimson. Diamante took to the offense first with an arm drag. Krimson hit a clothesline.  Krimson crossfaced Diamante.  Krimson clotheslined Diamante in the back of the head while he was kneeling.  Diamante missed a drop kick. He then caught Krimson charging into the corner with  back elbow. Krimson hit a Roll of the Dice then picked up Diamante at the two count. Krimson wrapped Diamante’s legs around the ring post then hit them with a chair multiple times.
Analysis: The announcers noted how this was Krimson’s biggest challenge but he still dismantled Diamante, who I think should have looked a little better since his size matches Krimson’s. His matches are starting to be like his promos, they’re just repetitive and boring even though they’re well done. Score: +1.
The Phillipino Flex Factory wanted us to pay attention to him because he is an international star. He said his name is Shima Zion and has been in PWO before. He’s going to make the PWO ring his personal runway. Zion said everyone in PWO is going to get a hostile makeover and that everyone better “Obey The Spray”.
Analysis: He used this gimmick before so it’s forcing PWO to have the same gimmick twice since Sex Appeal exists. I’m not sure why they don’t ask him to join them or come up with a different gimmick. Shima used a death metal like deep voice during the whole promo which doesn’t suit the gimmick. Score: -1.
The main event was a three way tables match for the #1 Contendership for the TV Title between Matthew Justice, Michael “The Bomber” Facade and “Omega” Aaron Draven. Justice started the match quickly by attacking Draven while he played to the crowd. Justice powerbombed him then attacked Facade. Justice knocked down Facade with a shoulder block. Justice then atomic dropped Facade.  Draven low bridged Justice and set up the table on the outside. Facade caught Draven coming.  Justice suplexed Draven hen tossed him outside.  Justice & Facade tried to bring the table into the ring but Draven drop kicked the table. Facade hit a heilo onto the other men on the outside. Draven stopped Justice from putting Facade through a table.  Facade ducked a clothesline then hit a leg lariat on Justice. The table was set up in a corner. Justice executed a nice Northern Lights suplex after reversing a DDT attempt by Facade. Draven moved the table Justice set up. Facade still got super-plexed to the mat.  Justice put Facade on a table but Draven stopped him. Boone came in an attacked Draven with a chair.Facade hit a nice looking Arabian moonsault. Facade set up Justice on a table then hit a triple jump moonsault for the win.
Analysis: Great match that I wish had a little more than the 10 minutes it was granted. Score: +2.
Final Score: 2/7. Final Analysis: By far, the worst show in a while as is shown in the score. For every good segment, there was a bad one. The main event being so good helped salvage things. I look forward to Facade taking on Mattson since they’re both good wrestlers. I’m glad Draven didn’t get another crack at the title since he’s already lost 2 matches to Mattson. I don’t think I like their shows in the I-X Center because they probably get the same size crowd they do at the smaller venues but it looks smaller because people are more scattered. I know more shows are ahed from this venue though.
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