Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (May 28-June 4)


I imagine this is TNA's standard birthday cake design.

Happy birthday to one eccentric little moptop, one beer-drinkin’ son of a bitch, one homophobic hillbilly with terrible merchandise, and well, one super hot chick.

May 29: Brian Kendrick (Brian “Spanky” Kendrick, 31)

June 1: James Storm (JamesAllan Black, 33)

June 2: AJ Styles (Allen Jones, 32)
June 2: Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr, 29)

It’s a real TNA party! Yeeeeee haw! -Eric

velvet sky

Figured I'd better throw in a picture of a topless Velvet Sky for good measure. And for Web site hits.

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