ODB to play role in movie with Angle, Meryl Streep may never work again


"My voice is all distinguishy and stuff, what?!"

Jeremy pointed this one out to me: According to PWTorch.com, ODB, in a recent interview, explained that her absence from TNA television lately is due to pursuing an interest in Hollywood… and stuff.

“I’m just trying to stay busy. Sometimes you just get bored with some things and there’s so much more I could do. I went to L.A. and got things figured out. Since I have a distinguished voice, I want to use my voice for some stuff. Maybe there will be an ODB cartoon in the future.”

ODB didn’t work the last set of TV tapings in May, leaving her off TV for the past month of Impact episodes. ODB said she will be part of Kurt Angle’s upcoming “Death from Above” movie that begins filming next week. Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash are also scheduled to be part of the movie.

Jeremy didn’t want to post about this, because he couldn’t think of anything mean to say about ODB. Sooooo… *deep breath*

Angle and his TNA cronies absorb ODB into their web of suck… If she does a topless scene, it’ll take two screens to show it… The only reason the white-trash ODB wasn’t tapped to do a movie with Angle earlier is because he had to weed through the black chicks first… The only difference between ODB and Rhaka Khan is that ODB’s movie will end up directly on a shelf at Walmart, whereas Rhaka Khan shops at Walmart… Dixie Carter is pushing all of her wrestlers to audition for movies in hopes of a) increasing exposure for her shitty product and b) launching IMODB.com… Kevin Nash wishes he was still playing Super Shredder… If a projectionist shows a TNA movie in front of the same 600 mutants and no one gives a fuck, is Kurt Angle still a star? -Eric


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