PWO – Season 3 – Episode 19

We know where it happened in PWO, but we don't know who. By the way, how do I not have this DVD?


Joe Dombrowski hyped the six man tag team main event between Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe against Sex Appeal. Gargano joined Dombrowski for commentary.
Benjamin Boone was accompanied by N8 Mattson to the ring for his match in the #1 Contendership Tournament for the PWO Heavyweight Title.  Michael “The Bomber” Facade was Boone’s opponent. Gargano complimented both potential opponents for his title.  Facade caught Boone with a drop kick off the top rope as he came into the ring. Boone mismanaged a moonsault but eventually muscled Facade up for a power slam. Gargano said that Boone wrestles like a bear by mauling and staying on top of you. Boone delay suplexed Facade but only got a two count of it. Boone threw facade outside the ring, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to get in a couple of cheap shots before tossing Facade back into the ring. Boone applied the bear claw to Facade but he came back at the two and a half count. Facade used his speed to duck around Boone’s offense and to quickly strike.  Facade hit a good looking spring board spinning wheel kick.  Facade went up for a top rope moonsault but Mattson hit him with the TV Title. The referee counted Facade out.
Analysis: Perfect ending to the match since Facade will be taking on Mattson for the TV Title soon. Well wrestled match to that point. I was laughing at Facade having problems getting his gi off for a Jeff Hardy like girl scream moment. Gargano got a phone call about half way through the match and left Dombrowski flying solo. Dombrowski asked him what it was for but Gargano didn’t explain. Score: +1.
Doctor Monstrous said that she will be making her debut soon. She told all evil doers to be aware because she’s coming for them. Someone off screen called for Portia to come to her photo shoot. Doctor Monstrous shook her head and said she’s not Portia.
Analysis: I guess it’s a small victory that they’re playing this character more for laughs. Score: 0.
Michael Facade was found laid out with his head in a chair by Aeroform, Flip Kendrick andLouis Linden. They asked him whether he saw his attacker. Facade said he was attacked from behind and didn’t know. Aeroform carried him away.
Analysis: Que foreshadowing. Gargano leaves the booth early, Facade gets attacked, hmmm. Score: +1.
Shima Xion came out for his match. Dombrowski said that he couldn’t believe Facade was just attacked. Maguire said that he claimed his spot back at the announce booth. Maguire & Dombrowski both implied that Gargano may have been behind the attacks. Isaac Montana is Xion’s opponent. Dombrowski said that Luis Diamante is back in Peurto Rico recovering from an injury. Maguire reintroduced his body guard, Mr. Brinks.  Dombrowski listed a number of suspects for the sneak attacks. Xion hit a tornado DDT.  Maguire said that Xion & Montana are crossed off his list of suspects. He then said they weren’t trying to disparge the match by talking about the sneak attacks.  Xion executed a 2nd rope moonsault. They exchanged blows but Xion superkicked Montana.  Montana hit a sit down spine buster.  Montana then missed a frog splash. Xion went for a crucifix pin but turned it into a cross face for the victory. Xion sprayed Montana’s eyes with hair spray.
Analysis: Xion is a good wrestler but the gimmick is so Rick Martel. Nice showing by Montana. Score: +1.
Krimson talked about Hentai’s opinion of him. Krimson said he doesn’t care about Hentai’s opinion. He said he’ll make everyone he wrestles wear a crimson mask just like him.
Analysis: Good. Sweet and short. Score: +1.
Eric Ryan & Corey Winters with Earnie Ballz. Dombrowski & Maguire talked about the losses endured by Ryan & Winters since they joined up with Ballz. Aerofrom, Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, were their opponents. Ryan started out against Linden.  Linden snapped off a rough looking head scissors. Kendrick and Winters both tagged in. Dombrowski said that the winner of this match gets a Tag Team Title shot. Kendrick drop kicked Winters. Lnden tagged in for a double team move.  Winters shoved Linden’s face into the middle turn buckle.  Ryan got a two count off a back splash.  Winters clotheslined Linden. Maguire said he wasn’t sure Hentai wanted to mess with Krimson even though he is a well traveled veteran.  Linden hit an enziguri. but Winters cut him off before he could make the tag.  Ryan & Winters double teamed Linden with a back breaker that was turned into a downspiral. Ryan locked on a Koji clutch.  Linden caught Ryan & Winters charging into a ciorner. Kendrick got the hot tag.  Kednrick hit what I can best call a top rope Starship Pain although I think there were more twists in the move.
Analysis: Good match with the typical beat down/hot tag formula. Aeroform is pretty impressive with their aerial arsenal but can be a bit sloppy at times. The announcers again spent a large chunk of the match talking about another match. Considering there was a Tag Title shot at the end of this match, it should have been paid more attention. Score: +1.
N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone had requested some air time and they finally got it. Mattson said they were both moving on in the tournament. Mattson said he has a plan for the thrid member of the Sons of Michigan but he’ll talk about those plans later. Mattson and Boone mocked the guys they beat. Boone said that he chased Draven out of the PWO. Fruth came into the shot and said that he still misses Mike Tolar. Mattson told him to get his head in the game. Mattson said he needs to watch their backs in their matches. Mattson said it’s going to be an all Michigan final. As soon as they win all of the gold in PWO, they’re going to head back to Michigan.
Analysis: I really liked this promo from both guys. Mattson pumped up Boone, they tauted their wins and Fruth might even become useful. Score: +1.
Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe were in the back. Iron said that they’re still working out the kins even after he saved Joe last week. Joe said it’s hard for him to trust people because he’s had so many people turn their backs on him. Joe said he did trust Iron though. Joe mentioned that he wanted his friend Virgil to give them some advice. Iron was skeptical that Virgil was real and it might just be a figment of Joe’s imagination. Thee Virgil came into the shot and siad that Iron needs to believe in Joe. Virgil said that they can win it all. Iron said that they can become men with his help. Iron warned Sex Appeal that they’re coming for the belts.
Analysis: So PWO had Virgil on TV before the WWE. That situation is kind of funny. Virgil was solid on the mic actually. I’m hoping we’re done with the hokey friendship skits. I’d rather see these two wrestling or cutting a flat out promo about winning the belts because of their pasts with Bobby Beverly. Score: +1.
Sex Appeal, Bobby Beverly, Bobby Shields & Nicky Valentino, came to the ring with Dawn Decadence. Dombrowski said that Valentino had been hurt and didn’t appear to be ready to wrestle. Valentino said that he was still injured. He said he’d make it up to his friends by finding a replacement. Valentino introduced Marshall “The Bull” Gambino as a one night only member of Sex Appeal. They took on Johnny Gargano, Hobo Joe and Gregory Iron. Iron indicated that he didn’t trust Gargano. Dombrowski noted that all of the victims of the sneak attacks were former opponenets of Gargano. Iron started out against Bobby Beverly, who was wearing Iron’s shirt. Before they locked up, Gambino was tagged in. Iron tried to knock him down but was not successful. Joe tagged in and they double team Gambino for a double drop toe hold. Iron arm barred Shields. Gargano tagged in and continued to work on Shields arm. Joe & Gargano teamed up to get all three members of Sex Appeal on the outisde. Iron & Joe suicide dover= on Gambino & Shields. Gargano dropped Beverly face first on the ring apron.  Dawn low blowed Joe while the referee was distracted.  Gambino suplexed Joe. Shields & Beverly double shoulder blocked Joe. Sex Appeal tagged in & out while beating on Joe.  Shields got a two count after an elbow drop from the second rope.  Joe tagged in Gargano and he cleaned house.  Gambino gave Gargano a swinging Rock Bottom.  Joe chokeslammed Beverly and the referee counted for some reason.  Shields gave Joe a falcon arrow. Iron hit Handicapped Parking (Downward Spiral) but was escorted outside the ring. Beverly was distracted by Iron. Gargano hit Uniquely You but tagged in Iron to show him trust. Iron argued with Gargano because he didn’t want to turn his back on him. Gambino ran over Iron.  Shields & Beverly hit a double thrust kick. Beverly made the pin for the victory.
Analysis: They did a great job setting this match up with the storylines. The wrestling was chaotic but well done. Score: +1.
Final Score: 8/9. Final Analysis: The announcers did too much talking about the other storylines surrounding the match again but at least they acknowledged the problem early on which is more than most organizations do. Most of the chatter did surround the match in one manner or another so it’s hard to be too pissed about it but when it happens for every match, it gets old.  That being said, the score indicates the quality of the show this week. All of the matches were solid and the promos served a purpose aside from my cutie Portia still having to wear a mask and silly outfit.
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