PWO – Season 3 – Episode 22

Will "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross or N8 Mattson win the chance to take on Johnny Gargano?

The opening contest was Brian Bender against Jason Bane. Aaron Maguire said that Bender has “$50,000 Why” he should take on Bane even though it hadn’t worked out well before. Bane tackled Bender who is normally the strong guy in his matches. Bane slammed Bender hard. He followed with some forearms and a clothesline. Bane hit a nice looking t-bone suplex.  Bender caught Bane charging into the corner with a knee. Bender locked in a front chancery. Bender went to the top rope and got hit in the gut as he leaped off of it. Bane “Bainlined him” for the victory. Corey James, a new comer, tried to collect the bounty but was power bombed for his punishment.

Analysis: Good segment that gives Bane a win over an opponent his size. Joe Dombrowski noted that he’s lost 100 lbs. in the last couple of years. I think moving down to 265 made him a better wrestler over that time. Score: +1.

They replayed the Benjamin Boone vs. “M-Dogg” Matt Cross match from the previous week.

Benjamin Boone was accompanied to the ring by Ben Fruth. Dombrowski listed the indignities that Fruth has had to endure under Tolar & now the Sons of Michigan. Isaac Montana was his opponent. He wore an Ohio State shirt to the ring to suck up to the fans. They did a skit trying to get the fans to cheer for OSU and against Michigan. Boone laid in some heavy forearms in the corner. Boone whipped him to the other corner and clotheslined him into the new corner.  Montana chased Fruth around ring side and was caught with a clothesline by Boone. Boone splashed Montana.  Montana fought back with some forearms and clotheslines of his own. Montana caught Boone with a pair of drop kicks. Montana missed the frog splash. Boone hit “The Bear Trap” DDT which is a bear hug into a DDT. As Boone celebrated, “Omega” Aaron Draven hit him with a chair in the back. Draven went to the top rope and hit a double stomp. Draven then motioned for a title belt referring to his former status as TV Champion which is held by the leader of the Sons of Michigan, N8 Mattson.

Analysis: Boone’s finisher is kind of cool. Good match. Boone is another guy that has excelled after losing some weight and getting more defined. The after math plays out well with their history. Score: +1.

Krimson said if the attacks were his doing, everyone would know because they’d all be wearing a “crimson mask.” Analysis: Good defense of why he didn’t do it. The promo was direct. Score: +1.

Sassy Steph came to the ring. Dombrowski noted that she’d been on the program two years ago. Portia Perez was announced as her opponent. Pedro De Lucca had to reintroduce her as being from the “planet Monstrosity” and being Doctor Monstrous. Maguire talked sarcastically about how excited he is to have a super hero on the roster.  Portia was the aggressor early on.  Sassy Steph hit a Russian leg sweep. Steph then hit a trio of clotheslines.  Steph tried to roll up Monstrous, but she reversed it for the three count.

Analysis: A boo. Score: -1.

Hobo Joe asked Gregory Iron how he was feeling. He said the next time they wrestle together they will be taking Sex Appeal for the Tag Team Titles. Sex Appeal came into the shot. Shields said that they could wrestle them next week in a non-title bout. If Iron & Joe win, one of the members of Sex Appeal has to leave PWO so that they can even the odds.Sex Appeal said Dawn Decadence would leave. If Sex Appeal wins, Iron & Joe can never team again in PWO.

Analysis: I’ve got to imagine they’re going to drag this feud out until Wrestlelution 3 so I’m saying Iron & Joe win this match. Good segment. It helped to only have one member of Sex Appeal talk since it was a short segment. Score: +1.

Super Hentai said that his pleas to Krimson haven’t been heard. Hentai told him his career is what you make of it. You can only blame yourself. Hentai said he has worked really hard to win titles all over the world. He wants to settle the score with Krimson.

Analysis: Solid promo. He lacks a little conviction in his voice. Score: +1.

The finish of the number one contendership tournament was the main event. N8 Mattson was brought to the ring by Benjamin Boone who was carrying a Detroit Tigers flag. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was Mattson’s opponent.  Mattson shoved Cross who pushed him harder. Mattson slide to the outside and whispered something to Boone. Boone pulled off Mattson’s jacket as the referee told him to get into the ring. The match started slowly. “M-Dogg” hit a hip toss and a pair of arm drags. Cross brought Mattson to the mat with a hard hammer lock. Mattson bought more time on the outside.  Cross hit another arm drag and locked back in an arm bar. “M-Dogg” started working over Mattson’s left shoulder. Cross arm dragged Mattson a thrid time. The announcers talked about Cross’ frustration because he hasn’t gotten a shot at the PWO Heavyweight Title. Mattson started working on Cross’ hand that was bandaged. Mattson kneed him a couple of times. Boone got in some shots while Mattson distracted the referee.  Cross kicked out after a hard clothesline. Mattson reverse chin locked Cross. Maguire said it was good to ground the high flier Cross.  Cross hit a tornado DDT. “M-Dogg” then hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Mattson gave Cross a spine buster but couldn’t capitalize.  Mattson and Cross exchanged punches. “M-Dogg” bicycle kicked Mattson.  Cross hit the shooting star press. The referee counted three but then saw Mattson’s foot on the rope so he reversed the decision. Mattson low blowed Cross. Mattson “Big Blue Bustered”, aka Code Breaker, to become the Wrestle-Rama Tournament winner. He put the Tigers flag on as a cape. Boone & Mattson crowed about their win. Cross looked frustrated and pissed off looking in the ring. Cross strated yelling at the referee. “M-Dogg” stepped back and bicycle kicked the referee. Mattson told him he won fair and square. Mattson wanted him to get out of his spotlight.

Analysis: The first four minutes of the match was garbage. They brought the goods at the end though. Nice angle developing after the match. Loved Mattson defending the win since he did have his foot on the rope hence it never should have been a three count. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/7. Final Analysis: Considering this was the last in a long set of tapings, the show was pretty damn good even if they had more filler than normal. The replay lasted too long but the crew had to have been gassed at this juncture. Might have been the reason the start to the main event match was sluggish. They did plan the angles out well though aside from the disaster in the women’s “division” much like the rest of wrestling.

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