PWO – Season 3 Episode 23

The Romans of the Decadence by Thomas Couture. Yep, I'm being an art dork again. Will Dawn Decadence make it past this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio?

They showed a replay of the end of last week’s show, the match between “Amazing” N8 Mattson & “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. They then showed footage from after they went off air. An old guy came and presented N8 Mattson with a trophy. Mattson gave the old guy a hard time about being from Ohio. Mattson said the sooner he gets out of Ohio, the better. Mattson jumped into Benjamin Boone’s arms.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the main event which was the Homeless & Handicapped Connection against Sex Appeal. Eric Ryan came to the ring with “The Rock Show” Earnie Ballz and Corey Winters. Isaac Montana was his opponent. Montana locked in an arm bar after an arm drag. Aaron Maguire suggested that Ryan & Winters not listen to Ballz because he’s not working well as a manager.  Ryan bailed out of the ring after a drop kick. Montana went to the top rope and splashed both Ryan & Winters. Dombrowski said that a twenty man gauntlet match would determine the number one contender after e match between Johnny Gargano and N8 Mattson happens.  Ryan caught Montana charging in with a back elbow. He then block bustered Montana. Winters attacked Montana while Ryan distracted the referee.  Ryan slammed Montana then missed on a second rope moonsault.  Montana spine bustered Ryan. Earnie Ballz told Ryan to go for a pile driver but he went for a verta-breaker. Ryan got the win. Ballz and Ryan started bitching at each other.

Analysis: The match was solid. The storyline with Ballz being a bad manager is weird especially since Ryan & Winters weren’t winners before they joined with Ballz. Someone has got to be on TV to lose. Score: +1.

The Sons of Michigan were in the back. Boone acted irritated but Mattson told him that at least one of them won the tournament. Mattson went on to say Boone tried hard and he respected him. Mattson said that he has another chance at a title shot in the gauntlet match. Mattson assured Boone that he’d give him a title shot after he beat Gargano. Mattson then called in Ben Fruth because he was disappointed in him. Matson said he doesn’t associate with losers. Fruth was still carrying around a flyer looking for Mike Tolar. Mattson said he was giving him another opponent, Jason Bane, because they needed the $50,000 reward. Mattson said he’s going to be a dual champion and he’s going to take the belts back to Michigan.

Analysis: Mattson was not at his best. Boone didn’t really sell his irritation. The Fruth stuff is forgettable. Score: 0.

They showed a replay of the match between Brian Bender and Jason Bane from last week.

Brian Bender suggested to Corey Winters, Eric Ryan and Earnie Ballz that they split the bounty. They argued over who had the best plan then scattered when Jason Bane showed up. Sassy Steph jumped on his back and gave him a sleeper. They charged at him but he clocked them individually. He backed Steph off by running her into a wall.

Analysis: It worked well from a story line perspective although I’m not quite sure why Steph was involved. May as well try to make money suppose. Score: +1.

Krimson took on new comer Corey James.  Krimson clotheslined James hard to start the match.  Krimson tossed him outside and started running him into the guard rails and ring posts.  Krimson tossed him back in the ring.  Krimson started working over James’ left arm.Krimsn planted James face first. Krimson locked in a reverse key lock for the tap out victory. Krimson slid a pair of chairs into the ring. He put one chair around James arm and started whacking it with the other chair.

Analysis: Solid squash match and the post match angle fits Krimson’s character. Score: +1.

“Omega” Aaron Draven admitted to losing his Title and rematch with N8 Mattson. He said no matter where he looks, he sees the PWO TV Title. He said he’s going to beat Michael “The Bomber” Facade and Matthew Justice in the three way tables match so he can get another crack at Mattson and Boone for causing him so much grief.

Analysis: The promo made sense but he lacked conviction. Score: 0.

Super Hentai confronted Krimson. Hentai told him they have a problem because he continues to pick on the kids. Hentai asked him to say something but Krimson stayed silent. Hentai said when you’re man enough to speak, he’ll do something about it Hentai walked away and was clotheslined from behind by Krimson.  Krimson said he is trying to save the kids, not Hentai.

Analysis: Stupid good guy turning his back on the bad guy. Good segment. Score: +1.

Pedro De Lucca explained the rules for the main event which was the Homeless & Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, can’t team together ever again if they don’t win. If Sex Appeal loses, Dawn Decadence will leave PWO. Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields were accompanied to the ring by Nicky Valentino & Dawn Decadence. Shields started against Hobo Joe. After a very slow start, Bobby Beverly tagged in.  Iron tagged in after more of practically nothing.  Iron hit a pair of arm drags on Shields.  Iron & Joe double hip tossed Shields then tossed him out of the ring over the top rope. Beverly got back dropped on Shields on the outside. Joe & Iron hit a double suicide dive. Valentino grabbed Joe’s leg which allowed Shields to kick Joe in the face. Beverly reverse chin locked Joe.  Shields continued the beating on Joe with a suplex. Joe clotheslined Beverly to get some separation.  Beverly pulled him to the other side of the ring and tagged in Shields. Joe caught Shields with a boot charging in but still couldn’t make the tag. Iron got the tag but it was while Valentino was talking to the referee.  Joe speared Shield to make h tag. Iron botched a head scissors take over. Shields hit a falcon arrow but Joe made the save. Iron & Joe rolled up Shields & Beverly to get the victory. Decadence going to have to leave PWO. Sex Appeal left her in the ring and walked to the back. Joe & Iron entered the ring and she started bitching at them and slapped both of them. Hobo Joe gave Decadence the “Pit Stop”. Virgil came to the ring to take Decadence away.

Analysis: The match was solid aside from Iron’s botch. H&H get a future title shot and they get rid of the one good looking woman in PWO. Honestly, if I were H&H I would have requested one of the guys get tossed from PWO. Score: +1.

They ended by showing “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross in the back who had appeared to be attacked. He picked up an arm bad that had the initials “JG”, for Johnny Gargano, on it.

Analysis: And the who done it continues. The segment almost seemed too short but there’s not much to it when they don’t have a team mate like so many of the victims. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/8. Final analysis: I can’t say I have much to say about this show. Nothing much major happened. Decadence hasn’t been a big part of Sex Appeal since they brought Nicky Valentino late last year. At least they got to write her off instead of having her leave mysteriously like Mike Tolar.

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